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  1. Hy , I am using PEG...( I am not a fan of hybrid graphics that is why I did not go for the gtx1070). I think that it is either a bad voltage regulator , a small ceramic capacitor or a zener diode on the 19 v rail that has gone bad and is leekeing some voltage to ground. Will be testing on the weekend. Hote to find the culprit. Still, Tlthank you for your interest and help buddy. Have a good one.
  2. Hello @Mattyb, I know there was lots of info , but yeah... I jus felt inspired... well I got the HDD flex on ebay, got it for like 30 bucks from China. I am happy with the upgrade, but I seem to have a problem with the power supply for the mxm - I have two PSU bricks both good but keep getting only 18.7 volts in idle and about 17.6 in bechmarks... forcing the GPU into power throttle. I think that the bios that I have might be bad.
  3. Hello guys, I seem to have the following problem. According to GPUZ my MXM slot will not get more than 18.7 -18.8 volts, during games it drops as low as 17.7 volts causing my GPU to power throttle. I have two 330 watt PSUs - and both are known good power bricks - I get the same symptoms with each of those. I have looked inside of the laptop checked all of the mosfets - none has visible damage. Could this be due to a corrupted bios or better yet because of the EC firmware being `unknown` in bios? Any help and new ideas are welcome. Thank you in advance.
  4. Three months ago, I got an amazing deal on ebay for an AW m18x R2 , that was supposedly defective - 3 beeps error. Had never heard of this model because I was still blindly living in my MSI world. Since my GT70 was on his way to electro-heaven - I went for it. The laptop arrived - it had no ram - not gpu and no cpu - the HDD flex cable was also missing- as well as the psu - and some more surprises that I found out along. Upon powering on I was greeted by three cheerful beeps - and powered off. It took me at most 1 minute to fix the mainboard by reprogramming the bios using an EEProm programmer. But the beeps revealed another problem - the speakers were cooked as well. I have then dissasembled the laptop... inspected and cleaned everything thoroughly till the last screw and made a list with what I needed, most of the missing parts were scvanged out of my MSI -a 3920xm CPU 2x8 GB Hynix ddr3 ram the gpu- at the time I had a gtx 970m and the speakers were transplanted into the housing of the old ones. I´ve reasembled the laptop - to see if my flash was successfull and inded it had worked. At fisrt the gpu was not being detected but as I found out, I needed to upgrade to an ulocked bios - done that also and it worked like a charm. The psu that I had, was only rated for 240 watts but i managed to find a 330 watt clevo psu on ebay that had a knicked cable - I have replaced the cable and bought myself some id - PSU chips from china installed and boom - recognized in bios and working as it should. I had an mSata ssd lying arround so gave it a go. No BSOD no nothing - ran some benches - did some OCs to see if everything was fine - and it went well. I have decided to keep the laptop as my daily driver - so i've decided to buy the flex sata cable and to replace the palm rest - that had a gooey feeling to it because of the altered rubber paint that dell uses on those thinngs - i got a brand new one for cheap from china also. The cherry on top is that I wanted to see how far could I take the laptop - gpu upgrade wise - without using the optimus technology - a thing that I find unnecessary on such a build. So i ``went`` yet againg shopping in china - and found myself a gty 980 non m non gsync - out of an 18 inch MSI GT80 I think. The card arrived - but there were some issues - first of all the card would not fit in the mxm socket - and seemed to also kinda bump in one of the white connectors on the mainboard - the one for the shift and caps lock leds - i tooke care of that with a small nail clipper and a file - just remooved half of it and it still work lai a charm and the card fits on that side also. The toughest part was that I had to pull out the metallic pins out of the mxm slot, the ones that `Lock` the card into it - left and right , and also file down a small piece of plastic off of the right side of the slot itself - where one of those pins were. The card now fits and is held in snug by the two screws on the motherboard. The heatsink that the laptop came with was only rated for 75 watts heat dissipation - so i sold that and got myself an all copper gpu heatsink. It keeps the card in the low 80s C in gaming - with the standard fan curve - while using mx4. I am looking forward to lapping the heatsink and also applying som LMe to see how far below I can take it - all this weekend. The bios that the card came with only allowed me to run it in optimus - i know- the irony - but after trying different bios versions i found one that runs in PEG mode also - the power table is set alot lower compared to the bios that the card came with but I consider that haveing a headroom for future ideeas. The gpu works like a charm - and it beats up the 970m and 980m by far. I did some overclocking - got to 1320MHz on the core and undervolted with -,75mv on all of the voltage tables. I still seem to have allot of headroom, but the psu does not seem to be that good - because according to GPUZ - the voltage dropps to 17.8V so it starts to powert hrottle. Abut does not go lower than 1240MHz - bios mod :). The ram chips Curently i am trying to extract the hex table from a desktop gpu - out of the bios - the one responsible fo the fan curve - and hopefuly insert it in to the laptop counterpart. - Wish me luck.
  5. I have successfully transplanted the id chip from a delta dell psu - 240 watt in a delta clevo psu 330 watt - you will also have to transplant the small resistor next to the id chip as well. I have also changed the power jack to fit my awR18x2. Works like a charm but it still reports in bios as being a 240 watt. Does anyone know how to change this... i mean does anyone have a backup of the rom for a 330 watt so that I may reprogram a one wire chip. Thanks!
  6. I am using a custom unlocked vbios that i've had unlocked back on my msi gt70 and it seems to work. I would strongly suggest trying to install the a11 v2 unlocked bios on your m18xr2 and try with that. If your bios was not modified by the guys here on techinferno- then i would suggest keeping it away from your system. Also try to boot with hdmi connected. If the lines still appear it is either a vbios/driver/ monitor chain issue. Worst case scenario it could be a bad GPU. Hope for the best. Pm me your email so that i may send you stuff.
  7. Thank you anyway, i will dig deeper -- maybe i´ll try reflashing the old vbios using the gt70... who knows.
  8. Hello @Klem I was wondering if you could shed some light over a problem. I have an M18x R2 and installed a 980m - the unlocked vbios version which I had in my GT70. It is the Clevo version- but I had hex-eddited the subsystem id to recognize it as an MSI so that i may install the gpu drivers plug and play. Installing the drivers via NV clean worked as a charm, it wa srecognized as an MSIcard by gpuz - it benches good and all in all but i have found a vbios for the sli versions on the dell site, and flashed the one for gpu 1- Master and it changed my subid to a dell one but not one that would allow me to install the drivers without the inf mod. I have tried since more than 15 versions of nvFlash in Windows - as well as in Linux and I have also reprogrammed the vbios using a chip programmer - desolder - flash-resolder - but still it allocates the same subsystem id -- i do not understand why?
  9. Hello @numecont is your _Nvidia GPU being detected in bios ?
  10. Hello @Leomm try to use ''NV Clean Install'' - you will find it if you google it. That is a helpful program that mods the drivers and it installs them for you, no hussel with inf modding. Please use that and tell me what happened. Normally, due to your GPU vbios, as I can see - according to the subsystem id - the drivers should work Plug&Play. What bios is your system running? Hope it helps. And for the throttling problem -- go to bios -- activate the IGPU-- save -- login to windows -- restart-- deactivate igpu and set to peg -- and also always peg on -- if your are running the (A11 unlocked bios) save and reboot. If all of that will not work then the vbios might be corrupted, i will give you a different one if you want maybe that will work. Best Regards.
  11. Hello @Klem, could you please help me unlock / mod this Vbios for the MSI 970m. Thank you in advance. https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/166206/msi-gtx970m-6144-140904
  12. Does anyone know where is it located on the mobo ?
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