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  1. Hi there, What i can tell U that i got 980 mxm card from this very zotac and with default vbios it wont act as normal laptop mxm gpu. It wont display any signal on laptop screen just to external monitor, becouse its missing this part in vbios. Additionally this gpu has a 6 pin connector with is powered from zotac motherboard, sometimes it wont post becouse there is 6 pin error witch means that its not connected. Thats all hints that i can tell You, if by any chance U wont go further with this project pm me im looking for that MB >.>
  2. remember to ddu after flash and clean install your drivers should prevent many issues
  3. its not like U have to pay, just need a little patience and few quality post to get Your acc promoted and get acces to download section
  4. nice one, congratz and looking forward to do exact same mod myself
  5. Have/had same issue with win10 Now with recon3di driver it seems gone but need to give it some longer testing coz it seems more hardware related like mentioned above ( motherboard )
  6. thanks for the effort @svl7
  7. same here no success at all ended up in external 144hz display
  8. tried the mod and can confirm it works great only downside its added noise when pushing gpu
  9. Hello all! I'm marcelus25 and I'm here to grab all @svl7 hard work on modified alienware bioses
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