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  1. Hello guys. I forgot to tell if I could resolve my issue.with the Gtx 980m graphics card... After a "war" with the seller, the store refound me in 50% of card value. I had to make a video showing them.the problem, with footage of me inserting the video card in the laptop, asseembling all back and demonstrating the problem. After that, I found a guy in my City that could repair the video card. It turned out it was some of the memory chips on it. Luckily, he had some memory chips that could match the ones of my video card. Since then, It works with no problems, since April of 2021. One question that I have. If I use the laptop using only the Gtx 980m, it works with no problem. If I set to use with Switchable Graphics (my laptop came with Sli of 765m cards) the laptop works, bt the gtx 980m does not work with maximum power. The frequencies stay very low, like only 20% of the full power. With the 980m, this does not bother me, beacuse I go to bios and chose discrete video card, and it works. I'm thinking in upgrade woth a Gtx 1070 mxm, but the 1070m only works in Optimus mode (beacuse of the lcd signal) that leads to the problem that I mentioned. I don't know if it will work.. Any thoughts? Thx in advance..
  2. The fan wasn't spinning, but in diagnostics, it spins. Change the Vbios and the fan works now. But I can't load windows 10 with correct drivers for the gtx 980m.. Used NvClean install, and it downloaded the up tp date drivers for the gtx 980m, the 461.09 from dec/2020, but when loading windows, screen freezes with pink stripes... Wich Vbios do you have for the gtx 980m?? I don't have anymore ideas...
  3. Hello. I'll try that. Thanks for the reply. I'm running Bios A12 unlocked on my Aw18. I was on A15, but downgraded to A12 from Dell, and then the A12 unlocked. I'll try Nvclean. But things got worse now..
  4. I´ve bought from a friend an old Alienware laptop, that he bought in USA when was travelling , the Alienware 18, that came with GTX 765m SLI and i7 4700mq. It is working great, but with the GTX 765m sli... Discovered that the Aw18 could receive upgrade of the gpu to the GTX 9xxm, series with native drivers from Nvidia, without having to moddified the drivers, only needing to update the Laptop Bios. (wich I have done already, to the A12, and then flashed the A12 unlocked too.I live in Brazil, and here we don´t have access to the MXM gpus. Very rare here.To play some newer games, decided to find a single GTX 980m mxm, beacuse sli is dead, and in newer games, only one of my 765m works, and it gives me very low fps.Only place I could find one was in Aliexpress. Bought the Gtx 980m 8gb. Along with the 100w heatsink too.Received the gpu, Uinstalled my old ones and installed the gtx 980m. I´m in UEFI mode. In, bios, it shows the nvidia card, no problem.First boot with windows 10, windows install his drivers, one from March, 2018. Asks to reboot, then my problems started...It gives me pink strippes all over the screen.Only way to bot in windows 10 normally, its to boot in safe mode, and then, remove any driver with DDU.2 or 3 times, I could boot normally in windows 10. Updated the drivers for the last ones, december 2020. Gone to Gpuz to make things are ok, runned the pci express bus test. some times it works, some the screen freezed..Tried a lot of different drivers, 2018, 2019 and 2020 drivers.Same problem.One time, I could run Starcraft 2 and Bf4, when the laptop didn't hanged, but now I cant even do that. Made a fresh install of windows 10, but same thing happens...I have the laptop video settings in SG mode now, but did everything from the fresh install of windows 10 with laptop ins PGE (discrete).When the laptop worked for some minutes, I could see that in SG mode, the GPU and Memory clock of the 980m were stuck in 405mhz. When changed to PGE in Bios, then the clock raised up. But, now, I can`t make any driver work...Am I missing something here?Can anybody give me some advice on that? About 15 days trying to figure that out.... Maybe different Vbios for it, could resolve this problem.. https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/R5uTG3Ihttps://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/i6OqQyIhttps://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/Rx7BZHI
  5. I've searched the web and found a topic in other forum about this problem that the clocks stay stucked at 405mhz. In Optimus mode (SG mode graphics in bios) the clocks of both gpu and memory stay ate low rate (405mhz). When I enter bios, switch to PGE mode (discrete graphics only), and boot into windos 10, I load GPUz and star the Pci render test. Then I can see the gpu and memory clocks go up. But one problem. Monitoring the frequencies during the render test, when board power and gpu power go above 70% (75% to 77%) the temperature of the card is at 74ºC, the laptop freezes... Why is that?? Faulty gpu, maybe? I don't believe its drivers, beacuse I've tested abot 5 differente drivers, newst one, modded ones, old ones, and he results are the same.... Anybody have some knowledge on this? Thx in advace..
  6. I've made a search in there .. found a little confusing.. But I've tried to modify the drivers, like in the tutorial. But following the tutorial, when I open the nvdmi.inf (dell and alienware), I've found that my machine id is there... I've managed two days ago, to make it work trying a lot of drivers, but it gpu and memory clocks didn't go up. Stucked in 405mhz, the gpu clock I think. Then I tried other bios and now, cant make it work with any drivers. Just flashed new bios with the same machine id as mine.. Totally lost here. What more can I do to make it work?
  7. Thx for the reply. I'll give it a try..
  8. Hi guys. I've bought a GTX 980m to upgrade from my GTX 765m SLI configuration. I had some problems with the upgrade, since it not supported natively my system, beacuse it my bios was locked. I've flashed the A12 unlocked bios, that gave me the possibility to change from Peg to SG and Igfx. I've selected SG and can boot in windows 10 and I am in UEFI with legacy disabled. Widows 10 have installed a driver, but when I reboot my laptop, it freezes in windows start... I`ve tried some drivers but the same thing happens... In Gpuz, my Device ID is 10DE 13D7 - 102805AB, Suvendor Dell. Previous Bios was and now I'm on, trying to flash Dell vbios that found on other forum, but it didn't worked.. What I'm missing... Do I have to change to a modified vbios and modified nvidia drivers? Thx in avance..
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