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  1. Ok. You want to unlock hidden Advanced settings in bios setup menu? Or unlock Lenovo's whitelist for upgrade Wi-Fi card? Or both options?
  2. Hi! Just read the first post of this thread and prepare bios backup as described.
  3. Hi! 1. Just read the first post of this thread and prepare bios backup as described. 2. This thread for Lenovo G780 model, if your laptop it is Lenovo IdeaPad Z710, then just post your request in thread for your laptop model:
  4. Hi! In this case you can create bootable USB flash stick with Windows 8.1PE, then just boot laptop from bootable USB flash stick in Windows 8.1PE, and run backup tool again.
  5. Yes. But i7-4900mq will generate significantly more heat and the laptop may overheat.
  6. Hi! For upgrade your CPU from i7-4702mq to i7-4900mq you don't need unlocked bios. There are no CPU whitelist.
  7. Hi! Unfortunately no, your laptop model is very different from those listed in this thread.
  8. Hi! If your laptop work with i3 3110m, then he should work with i5 3230m and any i5 and i7 CPU's (Ivy Breedge generation). Unlocked bios doesn't matter in this case.
  9. Hi! Try to install Nvidia drivers with .inf files from this link: https://premamod.wordpress.com/2017/08/15/j95-nvidia-inf/
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