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  1. are the features working ok after the upgrade? is the hdmi out, vga, display port working with no problems? brightness of the screen? fans?
  2. how is the load on both gpu when playing a game?
  3. i have a list of things i need to buy in order to upgrade my m17x r1 to r2. so far i plan to buy: r2 motherboard core i7 920xm r2 audio board r2 magnesium tray heat sink for 920xm anything else that i might need? i found this is it 'safe' to order parts from that website? most of it is outside of the US. i dont want to run in to any problems. - for the cpu, is there a significant difference between these 2 cpu? Intel Core i7 920XM Q2C7 Extreme Edition ES CPU | eBay SLBLW Intel Core i7 920XM 2 0GHz Laptop Processor Tested | eBay the q2c7 is cheaper, so does it mean its not as good as the slblw one? - would the magnesium tray for the r2 fit on the r1 chassis? would the audio board fit as well? -- thanks for reading.
  4. would the 330w psu mod by imsolidstate work with 920xm and 2 7970m?
  5. my orion backpack is still holding up pretty well. my only complaint about is that when u put the laptop and the power brick in it. its tough to carry other books for school.
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