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  1. im bumping my thread again. can someone please help how to fix my damn laptop ? i feel so lost. i cant reset the settings ive made in the bios, someone told me that the settings ive made is in NVRAM, and because of that i cant do anything to reset it.. please tell me what should i do? anyone ? please...
  2. hi arise. wanted to ask bout nvram persistence u mentioned. so the settings ive made in bios wont get resetted because of nvram persistence right ? can i know how you fix ur laptop then ? what did u do ? until today my laptop not fixed yet its so damn frustrating, idk what to do anymore...
  3. hi, thanks for replying. actually i ask on other forums aswell, and here is the answer i got : and unfortunately, before iam asking here and there , i already tried all of them, and none of them works. and now my last resort would be try shorting JRST2001 to do hard CMOS reset. and regarding JRST2001, someone said this : but anyway im just gonna try it.
  4. Laptop Model : Asus N46VZ OS : Windows 10 what i change in BIOS settings are : Launch CSM - Disabled Fastboot - Disabled Secure Boot - Disabled after that, i press F10 to save changes and exit. laptop will restart, but when restart i got black screen. Keyboard light, Notification Light all lights up, Fan is running. what is the possible cause ? is it VGA ? or something else ? how to fix this problem ? thank you very much.
  5. wanted to ask bout this, u said shorting jrst2001 will brick the laptop, and to unbrick it u need to short the jrst2002 too. my question is, when u unbrick it, did u get the "asus logo" / POST-ing ? also i get this image from french forum, and JRST2001 is indeed for clearing CMOS.
  6. hmm, but in the list that i showed u earlier, i got one of them right : or, because the PhoenixTool shows 2 of them does that mean, in my usb i should copy the bios twice and rename one of them to "N46VZ.bin" and the other one to "N46VZ.409" ?
  7. hi, i already did the ctrl+home, the usb did flash differently, but after that nothing happen, the screen still blank. i dont know if the BIOS filename in the usb is correct or not, but i already tried a bunch of names, but nothing. u can see all the names i've tried below : and, does shorting JRST2001 fixed ur asus ?? because i see from this thread > https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?66837-Hard-CMOS-Reset-Solution-For-dead-G75VW and his asus come back to life. oh, and what is this "andytools" u're talking about ?? never heard of it.
  8. hi, im sorry for bumping this old thread, but i got bios problem too, my laptop is asus n46vz, the thing is i changed some settings in my bios, after save change & restart, my screen is completely black but keyboard light , notification light all lights up. so i wanted to ask, does ur asus fixed after u do this ?
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