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  1. As pointed out by untitled_753. Get to another computer to check it. Instead of using an enclosure for the HDD just plug it directly in using the correct ports. (Should be SATA Power and SATA II or SATA III). If it still doesn't appear you might want to check using a formatting program like Disk Management in Windows.
  2. As far as i know all of it looks correct. You can ignore options 9 and 10 for an SSD Windows 8 Install, it will do it by default when it detects an SSD and not a mechanical hard drive. Once you've installed Win8. Yes you can change the boot priority back to the SSD first. Just know anytime you need to boot from another hard drive or USB disk you need to change it to the correct disk. Hope that helps.
  3. No. Optimus is hard-disabled for the feature use of SLI in the Ultrabay.
  4. If you are still interested in installing Windows 7. It could be due to the fact that your booting in UEFI and not legacy mode. I couldn't get Windows 7 to boot from a USB disk until I did that.
  5. I would assume so. They're probably based on the same chipset/bios. But I wouldn't know for sure. svl7 is all-knowing xD.
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