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  1. Logitech G700, and it depends on the situation, I've got G9 and G10 (next to left click on the G700) set to step it up and down, so I can drop it down quickly, say, if I'm trying to snipe someone, right click to zoom, left click G9 to drop the DPI, and boom.
  2. What BT reciever/stack/OS? If it's doing it as soon as you connect it, it sounds like it's possibly reserving the bandwidth that the headset might require.
  3. To throw in my 2 cents, I'm toying with putting a SSD in my file server, and for the money, the 120GB Samsung 840 can't be beat at $100.
  4. Awesome, I was wondering if this was the case, as I couldn't find any differences otherwise listed for my buddies GT780DX vs the GT780DXR.
  5. Windows 8 actually has the best "recovery" that I've seen, you should be able to hit F8 just as windows starts to load and be able to pull up the recovery manager and roll back to an earlier restore point. I've got Win8 running swimmingly on my 1762 (Gt70 Whitebook).
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