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  1. Two 7990s, like two 690s, for quad SLI. However it's possible to run more than two dual GPU cards in the same system for computation. Compute applications don't need SLI/X-fire and as a matter of fact, should be disabled completely when performing these tasks. As far as quad SLI Titans go, the scaling clearly shows diminishing returns after three probably due to CPU bottlenecks. That said, I'm very happy with my dual titans running with dual X5690s at 4.5GHz.
  2. I have benchmarked it both ways and the increase is nearly proportional with increase of PCI-E speed. It may not be an issue with interface bandwidth per-se but host XOR clock speed "tracking" with PCI-E clock. In other words the XOR is being overclocked. This occurs with Areca hosts.
  3. High end storage controllers definitely see a boost when PCI-E speed is increased.
  4. Yes that would make sense as 125MHz PCI-E is awfully high!
  5. Yes 16 cores running at 4.6+ would be yummy for sure but it's a pipe dream at this point.
  6. What else do you have connected to that circuit? That raucous cricket noise sounds reminiscent of RFI from a nearby laser printer's fuser heater cycling. Especially if it wasn't noticeable on day of initial startup. Using Win 7/8? Re-evaluate your WEI score and see if that makes it go crazy.
  7. It can be compared, sure. The graphs and benchmark numbers posted on websites don't give a feeling for how the actual gameplay is though. I mean that's what you buy these cards for, to play games, right? Then again some folks go stereo shopping paying attention to the lowest distortion and highest watts, nevermind listening to how it sounds. (plays) HA!
  8. Westmere Xeons are unlocked up to stock multi. The only board that allows this exploit is EVGA's SR2. Did not see the point of the SRX though as those processors are locked. It's possible to get around the lock on Westies moving forward by using C1E and it will swing to 26 on all cores under load but I've had the best luck with the 25X multiplier and just adjust baseclock as needed. It's a pretty sick setup and 12 westy cores at 4.5GHz is nothing to sneeze at even for a two year old system!
  9. Dual X5690 on SR2 here. 4500MHz since May 2011. Very stable. Will OC considerably higher for gaming/benchmarking but not truly stable (may get computation errors every 30 hours or so at 4.66, for example whereas 4.5 is stable for months of 100% crunching, etc.) EK HF supreme CPU blocks, MIPS SR2 chipset cooler (Cu/Delrin), 2 Titans at 1202/3333 cooled with EK copper/acetel blocks. (NO NICKEL CRAP!) Running Areca ARC 1880 series SAS hosts with a mixture of enterprise SSDs and mechanical disks. Dual Antec HCP1200W PSUs with wiring to turn both on as well as a pressure system to call for cooling pump. System in its own chassis with external water cooling system comprised of four MORA3 pro (9x140) rads, Iwaki RD30 pump at 24V, each radiator has its own 450ml reservoir feeding into a parallel balancing manifold which feeds the suction eye of the pump. Flow measured at 5 liter/min through all this stuff. Tubing is 1/2" ID Norprene held with SS breeze clamps. Is that enough?
  10. 7990 makes no sense unless you really want xfire on a single slot. Two 7970s cost $800 and would o/c better. If you're into that thing. My experience with 7900 series (for gaming) is they tend to have great numbers on paper but gaming they *feel* slower if that makes sense. They are great if you're into DC projects or mining though.
  11. 25% OC! That's insane! I wish the Areca cards could go higher. The 1800 series have some sort of protection built in that shuts them down somewhere around 109MHz. The 1600 series did not and I remember if you went higher than about 115 or so it would beep rapidly and the logs would show 1bit DRAM errors so they are probably playing it safe. It does provide over 100MB/S extra bandwidth (if you need it) on storage arrays going from 100 to 105 for example. I know the controller is good here just wanted to make sure the graphics cards could take it. I know AMD cards don't do well in an overclocked pci bus environment. It would be subtle but flickering pixels could be seen on the desktop, for example.
  12. Hmmm as a dual 690 user I have to disagree here. The 690 is castrated when it comes to compute, GK110 definitely isn't. Also the 2GB framebuffer per GPU is quite outdated in comparison. A dual GK110 board for $1k would rock.
  13. Running at 108 MHz PCI-E now. Any higher and my 1880 refuses to load its BIOS.
  14. Anyone hear of nvidia's answer to 7990 yet? Possibly a 790GTX using two cut down Titan LEs with 5GB VRAM each? $999. Performance between Titan and Titan SLI.
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