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  1. james312

    Crysis 3

    wow... nice graphics. I hope that thanks to the playstation 4 graphic on the PC will be better and better btw do u know any others games on cryengine 3 ?
  2. Hi . I would like to buy ssd to my ge60. I have +- 100$ for this. Kingston v300 looks interesting. What do u think about it ? Maybe others propositions ?
  3. this bios unlock sliders only in P0 mode right ? How can I "skip" the boost system ? I mean riggid timmings ?
  4. why u have core clock at 405Mhz... ? ( Crysis 2 on max at 768p (30 fps or better ) + gtx660m in Lenovo y580? sorry men , i dont think so. U need better card for this.
  5. james312

    Path of Exile

    This is still beta... remember (should be alpha O.o ;d ) btw D2>POE>D3 (clear game climate) d3 have better plot etc etc but...
  6. The same as Max. I was looking bios for gt650m and ended here. Nice forum. btw Im Nickolai
  7. john dies at the end... crazy film but i recommend it ;d
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4a7-bMhaxSs
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