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  1. I have successfully applied vBIOS. I checked the GPUZ. "GPU Clock it (not boost)" is 835MH. I will not be locked running the benchmark. Amazing! Thank you svl7! My 7720's CPU is i5. There was no problem to apply.
  2. Hi there. I want to introduce the vBIOS mod. Please tell me the steps on windows7 (FLASH.bat). Place a FlashTool & BIOS.ROM in the same directory, only double-click the FLASH.bat?
  3. 7720 BIOS mod flasing and recovery procedure.rtf English file
  4. I want to be able to use MSI AfterBurner well, difficult adjustment of voltage and temperature
  5. Worried about overclocking chip heat
  6. I agree. It was even better if there is a switch
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