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  1. Hi guys, I've read this thread carefully and figured i'd give it a shot. I flashed the bios using Sillvan's version of the aflash2 utility, as for me aswell, the other options didnt work. (latest version of aflash2 gave me an error asking me to update or something vague) So after flashing i checked GPU-Z but still saw the 0.9v there, as if nothing has changed. After i flashed the bios gpu shark: http://i.imgur.com/DxC5x.png I decided to flash back the Original 207 bios file taken from the asus website and gpu shark reads the same voltages http://i.imgur.com/4cIFh.png. Does this have anything to do with the revision of my graphics chip? Here's my main tab of gpuz http://gpuz.techpowerup.com/12/11/16/eqd.png also, the laptop model is N55SF-EH71
  2. svl7, could you please enable AES NI instructions? It was enabled in A03 but dell turned it off in A08 and A11.
  3. Any ideas why AES-NI is disabled (reported as not available)?
  4. whatever

    How do I update my graphics driver?

    The new released nVidia Drivers are working fine with my GTX 675 M. Final releases are working, Betas are also working. No more need for laptopvideo2go drivers (for me). Im using a GT60 Whitebook from one.de (German seller).
  5. whatever

    GT60, is a laptop cooler recommended

    Im also using a cooling pad. Without this, the internal Notebook cooler often gets realy loud. Im using the GT60 at the living room, so my wife is getting angry when the MSI gets to loud ;-)
  6. whatever

    MSI GT780DX vbios

    Is this also possible for an GT60 0NC Notebook with an GTX 675 Card?

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