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  1. Hi, I'm a little late, but if you're ready to give 15€, you can go on MSI laptop forum and ask to SVET his EC modding tool.
  2. Yes, you can upgrade a 980 to a 1070=980 factory o'ced, fine. Clevo are good laptops, but they are not upgradable at all; i mean not over many GPU generations but the current one. you can do upgrade if, and only if the community find a way to allow it. Crap...... After more Clevo that i would like to admit, i quit. Going to give a try on a MSI GT73. yep with an heretic BGA cpu shit, but at least with the hope the pass one or two gpu upgrades.
  3. Right, what i meant was that the chipset was X79, so it corresponds to LGA2011 socket. My bad. The Xeon can be good upgrades, but i would rather go to a 3960X or 4930k, as you can find them for a good price, whit little search.
  4. better ask to someone who own(ed) a 980 like MrFox, but if it's like the vbios of my 970m (Prema powered), voltage slider can go up to +212.5mV. My max OC is +370MHz/+300Mhz (core/ram) @+162.5mV.
  5. Hi, I would compare the 980 with 1070, which is as Prema stated a founder 980 OCed. But even with that said, a new 775dm3 will be twice the price of the 870dm. Concerning the bios, as fare as i know, it doesn't exist a Prema 's one for the newest Clevos. So if you really want one, you will have to wait or buy it separately from a partner shop for the 870DM.
  6. 200€ for ati firepro? I know it isn't the place for that, but if you're interested, i've got a 680m with clevo bios in perfect condition: could be yours for 150€ (port included).
  7. Sometimes coil whining can occur due to high IPS: in some non-demanding games, when AC plugged, the GPU renders as much as images per second it can, that's when you may have noise. I had this in Diablo 3. Do you have V-sync on? if no, try it, or if option exists, limit the maximum IPS of the game. You will gain in temperature at least...
  8. P570wm has got a x79 socket: sorry my friend, 6800k won't fit your laptop. Maximum upgrade is i7 4960x or some xeon x79 socketed (E5 V2 if i'm correct).
  9. @ Mr Fox: i can get your point of view, but for me, to go from 970m to 1070, HELL YEAHH this would be a fucking nice upgrade, with plenty of bonus points and and extra 10cl vodka with the orange juice!
  10. Dremel, new heatsink, bios mod, vbios mod, plastic welding to harden laptop, i don't car if we're taking about hope: i really want a 1070 on my DM! And in a long tunnel, you begin to see a tiny flam before a brighter sun... but sometimes it rains.
  11. I bought my vga card from EUROCOM, they kindly provided me the bios V3 for the laptop and the vbios for the vga card.
  12. Honestly, i travel each week for my work, so i'm often in hotel room. An e-gpu is not an acceptable solution for me. I enjoyed the most to think i was able to take a descent gaming and future-proof platform with me. Even if we were abandoned by Clevo like Alienware did, i will probably buy a BGA-nonsense laptop in a future upgrade: and if i have to do this, i promise, it will be not a Clevo!
  13. 1% i would have also accept the idea for every manufacturer but clevo... i'm a clevo buyer from P170hm era because off the upgrade possibilities. I've promoted Clevo every time i could. But seems that time is over.
  14. they 're funny: they say 230w PSU, but they add 19.5V-16.9A, which are 330w spec. Guess they don't know how to use a calculator^^ EDIT: for my curiosity, .no is for Norway, and currency is Nok (just to find the price in Euro)
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