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  1. Hello, pabloa2. I have an P170EM with a gtx970m 6GB Clevo card. I have a lot of problems with this combo since i buyied the video card, i tested a lot of drivers, and I couldn't find a good one. Can you recommend a good working version of the video driver and you can repost the link of j95 infs? Thank you.
  2. Hello. I have a Multicom P170EM with Clevo GTX970M 6GB, and i have problems with drivers installing and after power down or restart. On Laptop i have Prema mod BIOS 1.02.17PM v2 and on graphic card (Prema mod BIOS from Techpowerup), drivers 388.00 There are other versions of BIOS or vBIOS to give more stability to this combo (P170EM + GTX970m 6GB)? I coldn't find a inf file and a proper guide to install drivers, can someone help me? Another thing: wth the proper BIOS/vBIOS, the graphic card will be show in the main BIOS page? P.S. For Daniel Krasemann: i was able to update my BIOS only after i had done some contacts (straps) on the motherboard (under the keyboard), it was 3-4 years ago, i don't remember where i found the info. Maybe is this the case for you....
  3. To AKRoxborough: "UPDATE: Hi all, I have figured it out. I managed to get the laptop to output to the TV by constantly switching between 4k/1080p/RGB/420/422/444 with the HDMI audio DISABLED. It seemed that as soon as I disabled sending the audio signal, and messed around with the settings, it just randomly output to the TV." I had the same problem with the HDMI output on an Asus EeePC EB 1501 (Atom 330 & NVidia Ion & Windows 7): I disabled the NVidia HDMI sound and after restart the video HDMI output was switching on and off very fast, it couldn't make anything. I entered in safe mode, re-enabled the HDMI sound, restarted in normal mode and since them it works perfect. Have a nice day.
  4. Hello. I am trying to give a little juice to my old Multicom P170EM, and the biggest improve (in my opinion) can be a faster SSD. I was looking to new stunning performance M.2 SSD-s from the market with big eyes, but after a lot of time of surfing on different forums and benchmark sites I'm still confused: can I buy and use a new super fast M.2 x4 SSD (M pins) with an adapter to regular SATA 3 port or not (I saw that regular 2.5 inch SATA 3 SSD-s don't use full potential of SATA 3 ports, especially at write speeds)? I saw a lot of M.2 SATA SSD-s (B pins), but these have a slower speed (comparable, if no slower than regular SATA 3 ports). Thank you.
  5. Money sent to haipewa, now i'm waiting for my GTX680m card. Thank everybody for help.
  6. haipewa, I sent you a p.m. Khenglish and Prema : thank you for your advices, I will try these.
  7. I have another offer of GTX 285m, I don't know what manufacturer is, and I have to wait until Monday for better pictures. Will it go straight on with Prema BIOS (I will flash the card too, with a Clevo vBIOS if it is necessarily)? Thank you.
  8. Did it worked or not? If yes, with what version of BIOS? Thank you.
  9. I flashed Prema BIOS P170EM_17_12_PM v2, and I didn't saw any hidden option in the BIOS to disable the dGPU (and the annoying LED flashes + beeps + shutdown). If I am right, and it is not possible, it will stay a couple of months, until I get some money for a good card. Thank you very much. P.S. I read a lot of posts and I didn't find a list of ALL supported GPU-s on this BIOS (P170EM_17_12_PM v2). If someone is more agile like me, please give me that list.
  10. Yes, for now I want just to run the notebook for daily light use, not for gaming. This will last until I will sell my current notebook and after that I will buy a good card. Disable dGPU in BIOS means in Clevo standard BIOS or the Prema Mod BIOS? Thank you for your help.
  11. The deal wih GTX570m failed. I can buy in my country an AMD FIREPRO M6100, at aprox. 200 euros. The question remains: - Could the notebook run normally (no beep and shutdown) with this card inserted? Anyone did successfully used this combination? Thank you.
  12. So the most recommended is 570m. It will work with MSI vBIOS or should I put a Clevo vBIOS (570m or 670m)? The system BIOS could be original or I must flash Prema BIOS? Thank you.
  13. Hello. My name is Ovidiu and I am from Romania. I have an P170EM with a broken dGPU, and I'm a little low on budget for a replacement card. I read a lot of posts, but I cannot find an answer at two questions: - do you know if it is a version of BIOS which can be used to run normally the notebook (no beep and shutdown) without the dGPU inserted in it? - does this notebook support (as a compatible version of BIOS or vBIOS) any of these: 5870m: 6-71-W870L-D02? GTX 765m: 6-71(or 77?)-P15SL-D01A? MSI GTX 570m: MS-1W051 ver 1.0? Thank you.
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