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  1. Will the new MSI GS70 Stealth Pro be unlockable?
  2. Yeah I am not overclocking my Alienware because it is already fast enough for me and I don't need it to heat more then it already does
  3. So you didn't use the [FPT] version right? It should be fine hmm it's odd. Give a try to the second method which is the recommended one and the one I used, flash the retail A10 update using insydeFlash and then follow the method 2 instructions Works well for me
  4. You should really read carefully, it says the new method doesn't update the Bios firmware. Flash A10 stock then flash A10 unlocked. If it would have worked properly, instead of Dell Inc in the top left, it would be svl7 mod If you hvn't used the new method then no idea ^^
  5. Hi, I have an Alienware m17x R4 on Unlocked A10 Bios and I would like to disable the USB 3.0 so Mac OS X Mountain Lion see my USB ports as a normal 2.0 port because right now USB 3.0 isn't supported and I can't plug anything..and it looks like Bluetooth is running on USB Bus so it doesn't work either Thanks Edit : xHCI is USB 3.0 and EHCI for 2.0
  6. Well I was more wondering if I'm unlocked, I could use Dell's original tool to flash retail A05
  7. Hi, Beeps are an error code and 8 Beeps = LCD Failure which is why they replaced the screen but it could also be the connector on the motherboard that is fautly :/ Alienware Beep Codes Table | Dell
  8. Thanks, that looks right, removed the CMOS battery for a min a when I turned back on the laptop, it still kept beeping. What I did instead is to take the AC & (Laptop not CMOS)Battery, hold power 30 sec, plug back AC. Hold FN + Press Power then it goes directly in 'Diagnotisc mode or testing mode and it worked'. Unsure yet if it is the FN trick or the AC + Battery removed once again that made the difference. All I know is that I had removed those + the CMOS Battery at first and it didn't work. Finally I will stick with normal Graphics Settings The FN + F7 just work fine ^^
  9. No need of A05 anymore as I am unlocked but I was just wondering Now my Alienware wont boot, looks like disabling integrated graphics was a really really bad idea. I thought it would only disable my HD 4000 but now the computer when I turn it on has no display and beep really loudly :/ If I need to take the motherboard battery away, am I gonna lose warranty?
  10. That's right it came with A09 if I remember good, maybe we can't go lower then the lowest Bios version it had Your new method worked like a charm !
  11. Thanks it worked flawlessly!! Flashed retail A10 then followed your tutorial and no issue! It worked! From this version can I downgrade to A05 without pain or still the same?
  12. I bought a new USB Key and still same. What am I missing? You sure it works for the Alienware M17X R4 on a A10 Bios? Is the name : 'M17R4.hdr' different?
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