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  1. sry haven't seen that u wrote me. i got the unlocked bios from the first page to work but isn't there an option that i get a fixed cpu clock of my highest clock rate? i disabled speedstep but that doesn't work for me :S
  2. why i doesn't get an answer???
  3. xonar can you please unlock my bios with all possible settings? heres the link from my bios E16F3IMS.10M.zip download - 2shared
  4. is the Thread title said i want to know the highest voltages from this card svl7 modded mine to 0.92v (Thanks for it) but i think it can go higher or am i wrong? and i want to start to mod it myself more if anyone can give me tips how to make it he should tell me how? and pls don't come with svet's tool because it is out of warranty that i make this and don't pay for this if my card gets crippled and payed 15€ for nothing so i want to do it myself.
  5. in an chiligreen notebook and now comes the best in dxdiag it shows me the msi gt60 and bios is all the same so it must be a rebranded notebook but if it's in the dxdiag it must be an msi gt60 and the notebook looks same as the msi just with the chiligreen logo instead of the msi xD is it possible that u can describe me how to make it myself? maybe per pn? ps: if u change the clocks lower it to 750mhz and 1700mhz is 0.92v the maximum voltage?
  6. how do u mean by hand? can you tell me what i need and what do to to mod it myself? soo the bios is working correctly but it jumps to p1 state so there must be also 0,92v and maybe in p8 state. and invidia inspector i can't adjust the gpu clock it is greyed out for an unknown reason. should i try another tool to overclock because msi afterburner doesn't support p1 state only p0. i really want to wish to mod the bios myself if nobody from you have time.so maybe you could mod my bios again with 800mhz core clock and 2000mhz memory clock in p1, p0 and p8 state? and maybe you could make a tutorial how u mod a bios without svets tool would help much dudes in this forum or? what do u think about that? and you are from switzerland so maybe you can talk to me in german
  7. thank you very much yeah its a bit expensive cuz u loose the warranty if u flash it wrong. how have you modded it with what tool? cuz i want to fiddle arround with the volts too
  8. or is it possible to mod it without svet's tool? like a hex editor or something other?
  9. i think a cooler that blows air to the notebooks bottom side could help or if you are out of warranty you could drill a hole in the bottom where the fan is that the cooling could draw more air.
  10. anti-reflect is better i think because i see much more if i sit in a bright room with light behind me.
  11. is the Intel Core i7-3630QM CPU overclockable? when yes with what program?
  12. cooler boost? isn't that an external program? my gtx 675m reaches max ~78°c at ultra with stock clocks and a stable framerate of 30fps
  13. Hello everyone i'm new here and wanted to ask u if anyone can mod my vbios maybe. This are the specs if the are needed. GTX 675m.rom download - 2shared This is the .rom file.
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