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  1. Hi, I have recently purchased a MSI GT60 with a 675m GPU and a i7 3630 CPU. I have tried running some games on it and everything FPS wise seems good, but I've noticed that when playing some of the more recent games (Far Cry 3 being one), the fan will turn really loud after about 20 minutes. HWMonitor indicates that the CPU temperature idles at about 50 C and GPU idles at 40 C, and the GPU temperature shoots up to 90+ C in the said 20 minutes. I haven't noticed any FPS drop despite the really loud fan and really high temperature, but is it normal for the laptop to get this hot this quickly? I'm running my games mostly on med-high setting, never ultra, and I pretty much always have the most demanding features like MSAA off. I read somewhere on this board that a cooler doesn't really do much because of how the GT60 is built, is there anything else I can do to help with the temperature? Should I replace the thermal paste? Or is this temperature OK and I should just not worry about it? The fan kind of scares me though even if this temperature is within reason... Thanks in advance.
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