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  1. Hello everyone, my name is Ramon and I am from Mexico, I came to this forum through a YouTube video looking for solutions, I see that they are a very well integrated community and the respect that is felt when reading the posts gives me absolute peace of mind since I know It shows the professionalism of each one of you who manage the forum, I hope to be an active and supportive member with all of you and thank you very much for accepting me in your family
  2. What a topic I found here, I wonder what barriers will be used to implement the recovery of stolen information in Digital DNA issues, whenever new territory is explored, it must be taken into account that benefits can end up being a danger due to lack of ethics and management of information. Is humanity really ready to lose the competitive war? Or is comfort more important in the face of more ergonomic progress? greetings to all
  3. Hello teacher Klem, I will tell you my story, a bad technician broke my wifi network card that came from the factory and in the end he decided to tear off the antennas that were stuck behind the screen, causing the screen to crash from my equipment, and this was 2 years ago and I have not been able to solve this matter due to lack of money and access to good solutions, since Lenovo decided to deny me the sale of the wifi card T_T buy with effort a wifi 6 card on aliexpress and when connecting it appears the screen that it is not a validated card and it restarts in a loop over and over again I would appreciate your help please https://www.sendspace.com/file/gam8vz please help me remove whitelist from de wifi cards
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