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  1. Hi, I recall from other forum that M15x with i3 processor could come with two different motherboard, one is HM55 and the other is PM55. For PM55 there is no problem directly upgrade from i3 to i7. However with HM55, I remember it does not support i7. Could you check your motherboard and see which one you have.
  2. I have seen a few people done that, and I can confirm it is true. You simply put two 8th ram in and system will recognize them (although motherboard stated max ram is 8gb). If you buy ram of more than 1333Mhz, the system will only use 1333mhz.
  3. Dear all, I recently purchased a Dell 7970m for my M15x upgrade. I intend to flash the undervolted vBIOS which Svl7 designed (and thank you for all the work you have done). My card has a newer vBIOS version (015.021) and I have noticed a few people have problem flashing the card (fail to change the voltage after flashing) because their card has a newer vBIOS. Would someone please tell me if I can flash my card with the undervolted vBIOS ? I just want a confirmation before I do anything with the card. Thank you.
  4. not at all, they are GPUs of similar level (similar graphic performance), try upgrade to 6970m or even 7970m.
  5. Nice DIY you got there, make me want to mod my machine in a similar way. plz give us updates on the temp.
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