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  1. After I installed an SSD and moved my 500 to a caddy, the second drive was unresponsive at times and slow too. I tried the Dell A05 which fixed my Sata issues, but my GF 555 had an error. I flashed back to the Dell A08 and now both drives are working fine. Go figure.
  2. Would be nice if the OP had some notes on the BIOS variances. I did this mod and have been working on getting the second drive to perform right. I hope the modded A08 in the other threads fixes it.
  3. Will it be worth it to even run the GPU boost with the lower res lcd?
  4. I would say the i5 is plenty if you plan to mainly use the laptop for gaming. The GPU will always be the bottleneck of the system. But if you plan on using the laptop to do more intensive apps like video encoding and such... opt for the i7.
  5. I had the same problem after I moved my WD 500 to a caddy. After I flashed back to A05 from A08 the second drive worked fine, but now the GF 555 has an error in device manager.
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