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  1. Yo, how's everyone? My name's Bryan, nice to meet you all. With all this downtime on my hands I have been giving an old laptop (g75vw) some upgrades and the like and ended up finding my way here looking into modded bios and overclocking. Unfortunately this laptop has the worst, most restricting bios I have tried to use so was happy to find modded bios after like months of searching. Of course as one might assume, I still don't have the bios and am really just hoping i can get that promotion after a week. How ever posting useful, relevant content has been hard as this forum seems all but dead for the exception of people reviving old posts trying to attempt just that. I have found it extremely hard just to get out five posts, this being the last one. So thank you to all those that are doing the good work of providing modded bios and laptop upgrade advice for these old machine, but please reconsider your ruleset as you have just basically breed a forum of pointless responses to long dead topics. Someone who posted about changing a part in 2013 certainly either has already figured it out or moved on, so if you are trying yourself to get to five meaningful posts please pay attention to post dates as not to revive all these old subjects for no reason.
  2. I was actually thinking about upgrading mine as well, did you end up going through with this mod and how did it end up going for you if you did and what card did you end up going with? Thanks in advanced.
  3. This is what I have been looking for, hopefully this helps me get the most out of the parts I replaced in this machine. Looks like it's worked great for everyone here as well. Overclocking wasn't really why I needed this, but I may just look into it seeing as it'll be an option. Thanks so much for this. Oh and to anyone not able to download, you need to make posts to get promoted before you can. Just a heads up.
  4. Oh nice, I hadn't even thought about this. But adding stronger wifi and bluetooth would def be super helpful, Im def going to have to take a look into this. Thanks for the idea! Best part is these cards are super cheap too, an easy $20 upgrade.
  5. Hey, just found this site myself and have been upgrading an old g75vw myself. Installed me ram and for some reason it's only utilizing 1333ghz instead of the corsairs full 1600, so finding these modded bios is just what I needed. I actually initially had the bios brick on me when i changed my boot drive to an ssd so I know the ordeal it can be with these so it;s good to hear you had success with these. Puts me more at ease for when I can finally download the bios and try it out. I do have a usb flash kit either way though lol so even if it crashed again it would be easy enough. Though I am interested in what other bios variants you have as I only was able to find one factory copied bios when I looked for them (besides these unlocked ones here). All and all though it's a nice laptop for how old it is, I like it as a video editing laptop for travel.
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