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  1. Is this an ad? Why is a thread about CBD oil posted in general desktop discussions thread?
  2. Have you tried using modded bios? If you are desperate you can override subsystem ID by using "nvflash --protectoff" command
  3. Refai

    Witcher 3

    Played this on nvidia 840M smoothly, the game is arguably the most optimized PC game ever made, even modest PCs can run it without jeopardizing the game's experience
  4. The game's optimization for PC also plays an important role, for example: you can run The Witcher 3 with 4 GB of ram while struggling with AC: Origins with even 16GB of ram and a decent PC Also Make sure your RAMs are dual channeled, it will make a world of difference games-wise
  5. I also checked Tehchpowerup database and not a single NVIDIA 980m vBIOS file matched my subsystem ID
  6. MX-4 is reliable and relatively cheap, why risk wrecking your system to save a couple of bucks?
  7. That's just how temp is stored, as for consolidating temp files I don't think that's possible and not very necessary
  8. I think it's most likely hardware issue, your fan is unable to sustain spinning at max RPM therefore it keeps oscillating I wouldn't tamper with it tho as not to void warranty if there is any
  9. I am not sure I get the issue here, but it always helps to use software as CCleaner to analyze your disk and delete unnecessary files, it also scans registry and fixes issues that may be slowing down your PC
  10. Hello, I have MSI GT70 2pe dominator pro, it originally had nvidia 880m gpu but it overheated and I replaced it with NVIDIA 980M card Following the upgrade I read that I have to update VBIOS to match the new card but I wasn't able to find a matching bios for this particular card, all the vbios I found didn't match subsystem ID Any help finding an appropriate Vbios is sincerely appreciated Card info: Nvidia 980M 8GB Device ID 10DE 13D7 - 1462 110B
  11. Rufus is good enough, I wouldn't waste my time on alternatives as none are of the same quality
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