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  1. hi , I do have 2nd hdd using hdd caddy , since the 2nd hdd disappear. it will add report failure inside s.m.a.r.t : UltraDMA CRC Error Count
  2. Hi all ,I'm Dave from Indonesia , average gamer , still working on IT industry , with main role Cloud Infrastructure, VCP certified ..... hm...nice to meet you all
  3. noted , and try on my m14x r1 running windows 8 pro media center using msi afterburner tool thanks for info
  4. is there anyone post screencapture using sata3 ssd on alienware m14x r1? after A08 w/ SATA fix BIOS flashed consider to purchase ssd ocz vertex 4 128gb sata3...to alienware m14x r1
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