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  1. @Prema Hello M8, how are you? It was brought to our attention that the voltage of our GPU on our AW 17 1080 model is not ideal and too low. I was told that the only way this could be fixed was by a custom vBIOS. Attached is a spreadsheet that showcases the difference between the Clevo and AW voltages and clocks. I know that you must be busy with Clevo BIOS(s) etc, however I figured since you had blessed us in the past, I would mention it so you knew about it and maybe could help us eventually. There are a lot of loyal Alienware users that are spending much time tweaking, repasting, and hoping. We are not far off but this is a hurdle for us. We will reach out to Dell to see if they can do something about it but we are not holding our breath. I appreciate you taking the time out to even read this message. I hope all is well. Best Regards. GPU-Z_Sensor_Log.zip
  2. Curve Ball http://www.windowscentral.com/alien...ias-gtx-10-series-graphics-set-debut-pax-westhttp://en.community.dell.com/dell-b...th-nvidia-pascal?dgc=SM&cid=544&lid=546661330
  3. Is there a single 1080 option for the P870DM3? I was under the impression that the P870DM2 was without SLI and the P870DM3 was with SLI. Am I wrong?
  4. I am looking to upgrade the video card in my M15x. I was at first interested in a 660M, however I then saw a post where the installer of a 660M had troubles with the display port. That left me wondering however unofficial upgrades have a non-functional Display Port? Which ones have a working Display Port? Thanks for any feedback!
  5. So do I just use a -5 switch with nVFlash to flash this?
  6. I wanted to flash the latest official one from Dell. I found the iso on Dell's site, is that the same as the one you posted earlier in this thread? Also, how did you get it? When I download the official iso I cannot seem to find any roms in it. I will upload my rom now. - - - Updated - - - Here is the vBios currently on the card. - - - Updated - - - Here is the vBios from the Dell site. I havent been able to get a rom file out of that iso though. 460MORIG.zip GTX460M_vbios_A02.zip
  7. Im 100% sure that this came from Dell. There is a remote possibility that this 460m came from a M17x but thats it. Is there any way I can check? EDIT: Added is a NVIDIA Inspector screenie.
  8. Any idea why I would get an ID mismatch error when trying to flash the above file with a 460m in a M15x? I tried to do an override like the nVFlash thread stated to but it still failed with an error?
  9. svl7, did you ever get a chance to try a 680m?
  10. Yes, I too look forward to seeing some data regarding this. Nice work!
  11. Trying to decide between a 660m and a 7970m. Do all 660m(s) require a shim? Regarding the 7970m; Is there any throttling at stock speeds? Well maybe the CPU on max with TS. Thanks in advance.
  12. I would be curious as to if anyone found a solution to this as well. Also, are all the 660Ms the same? Is there a Dell one that fits better in to the M15x? Thanks in advance
  13. Is this the official vbios from Dell?
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