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  1. Hi You can replace the parts only if you have the correct equipment. You need to have a micro soldering station and more and its not cheap to setup and also you need to know how to solder and test the damaged parts in order to fix your problem . I suggest if you have a damaged motherboard it would be cheaper to buy a motherboard from eBay one without problems. if you mess around trying to fix the damage motherboard it may end up coasting much more than a replacement from eBay.
  2. xZhekill Hi toddgreg I hope you have sorted out your problem with the WiFi upgrade if not Then i have to agree with xZhekill about lntel Ac7260 . The problem with the card is that WiFi works 100% but the Bluetooth doesn't work correctly. To fix the problem you must remove the WiFi card and use a bit of tape to isolate pin 10 that should fix the problem and you should have Bluetooth working 100%. If you are not sure how to do it i have added a link from U tube showing how to fix it. Sorry i added the wrong link . The correct link is
  3. Hi everyone My name is tomy22 i found this site and hoping to fix my asusg75vw. I have replaced the motherboard purchaser from eBay its working but it locked the CPU to 1.2ghz 12x multiplier the only way is to use throttle stop to unlock processor so i think the bios will fix it as i can enable the hidden settings well just have to wait to test the theory out have tried using spi programmers with different firmware also.
  4. Hi Ikith I hope you have fixed it by now and everything is working . If not theirs is another way of doing a bios downgrade . remove your battery and connect your power pack and enter your bios pressing esc or f2 when your in the bios select EZ Flash and type risky it will bypass battery and you will be able to downgrade firmware good luck Tommy
  5. Thank you for your fast reply I have read it already when i became a member thank you anyway I was asking if the bios download is still active because it was 6 years ago i have read other peoples post and they have posted more than five post and are not able to access the bios. if its still available and bobby has not taken it down ,then i will wait until i have the required access Thank you Tommy
  6. First off great website just a little too late to the party . I too have the same problem i can not download the bios same message as the other guys I hope this is still active as i think the unlock bios will fix my problem my CPU is stuck at 1.2ghz locked multiplier at 12x can only unlock with throttle stop. power gear 4 does not change the CPU so i hope some one can send me the files or let me know if it is still active. Thank you for your time Tommy
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