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  1. Ibrahim Waqar

    TI 2.0 feedback thread.

    Sorry, you aren't permitted to download this file. I am facing this issue why it is appeared?
  2. Ibrahim Waqar

    Overclocking Precision M6700

    Thanks Alot Brother <3 You are real bro <3 flashed it successfully thank you with cmd nvflash -6 <filename.rom>
  3. I am using kepler bios tweaker to Change GPU Voltage and Core clocks i have K3000M i setted it to more then 1059Mhz Core clock and 1.37 Voltage
  4. Ibrahim Waqar

    NVFlash 5.513.0 Released

    It works great This blog is really awesome but not able to download
  5. Ibrahim Waqar

    Unable to download

    Please promote me too i am not able to download any file
  6. Ibrahim Waqar

    Overclocking Precision M6700

    I am not able to download any file on this forum even cant purchase their membership due to card not working on this website, Tell me how i unlock vbios with Kepler bios tweaker or provide me vbios link of mediafire or etc contact me on ibrahimwaqarhabib@gmail.com Whatsapp - 03003786372
  7. Ibrahim Waqar

    Overclocking Precision M6700

    Hello can i get this unlocked K3000M bios for Laptop M6700
  8. Ibrahim Waqar

    Dell K3000M

    I want to overclock K3000M Dell M6700 when i install nvidia inspector or afterburner it just gives me +135 boost how i can increase this limit? atleast for +200?

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