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  1. 4sterism

    Potential Bottleneck??

    Bottleneck is possible, but you can turn down the settings a little and there will definitely be no problem. Flashing the vbios can be risky - I bricked the laptop Im using right now and it had no integrated graphics. Fun. I spent hours trying to figure out how to save it.
  2. 4sterism

    Do pros use laptop for gaming?

    I have seen many grandmasters in video games play on potato pcs. They get even scarier when they get a better computer. So tools do matter.
  3. 4sterism

    Best Voice Chat For Gaming

    I think most people use discord. It's improved alot since back then.
  4. 4sterism

    Best software for making bootable usbs

    https://forums.guru3d.com/threads/guide-for-flashing-bios-of-nvidia-gpu.313989/ Theres a package here to create a bootable usb. That autoexecutes. I don't know if its better, but I was able to blind flash my gpu bios.
  5. I only have 10. I only paid for 4 of them. Bc I couldnt play most games with my potato.
  6. Hi, Im new here and I just got my hands on a broken alienware mx17 r3. After fixing it, the laptop still had many problems that I am fixing one by one.
  7. 4sterism

    Site still alive?

    Just joined and this is so true. I just need a bios update for a computer from 2011.

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