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  1. Looks like a very interesting product. But if you need thunderbolt for the epgu, why even need the mxm gpu. Intel is releasing a skylake quad core NUC called skullcandy, that only has an igpu and a thunderbolt port. Might want to check that out.
  2. Isn't another major issue with plug n pray is that nvidia/amd will need to ensure their drivers support this usage? There will be situations with intel igpu only and intel igpu + amd or nvidia dgpu. I already have the alienware version of an egpu and when I use it, theres a mux that switches off the dgpu after reboot. Upon booting into windows, the driver initializes for the egpu. Even though the driver has initialized for the egpu before, it has to do the same thing every time I switch between the egpu & dgpu. It takes about 30 seconds and there is some flickering of the screen. I find it hard to believe nvidia drivers will work with the epgu plug n play without some driver update. I find it even harder to believe this would work ideally if the laptop also has a dgpu. Can't say for amd as I don't use one.
  3. I have an alienware laptop with graphics amp, and when using an AMD gpu it does work with the laptop screen through enduro. There is nothing special about the graphics amp connection, it is a pci-e 3.0 x4 connection. There is some proprietary alienware software, but I believe that just turns on/off the mux to switch between egpu and dgpu. The igpu is connected to the laptop screen. AMD had released a special version driver called the graphics amp driver when the graphics amp came out. But now I hear that any recent AMD driver should work. So not sure why custom egpu solutions still can't use the internal screen. Also, all the TB3 egpu demos have been using the external screen. There is no guarantee that TB3 will support using the laptop screen so far.
  4. Mobile G sync only works when the gpu is directly connected to the eDP display. If you want to display to the internal lcd with an egpu, you are gonna need an intel igpu as the intermediary. Currently, intel gfx does not support any kind of free-sync/g-sync like protocol. This could change in TB3, if laptop manufacturers or intel decide to have a dedicated way to route the egpu display to the internal lcd directly, but I don't think that will happen.
  5. I wonder if Intel's TB3 epgu support/implementation would support internal lcd use when there is an dgpu already in the laptop. It is likely that they will not have have any dedicated connection from the TB3 bus straight to the internal lcd. The only way to use th internal lcd with egpu would be optimus/enduro through the igpu. If there is a dgpu in the laptop, either the manufacturers must implement some kind of mux / switch or you have to use the messy software solutions to disable the dgpu. I have not tried out the software solutions, so I don't know how easy it is for the user to switch between dgpu and egpu. Btw, why is the TB3 bandwidth only 32 Gbps? What is the 8 Gbps lost to?
  6. The new macbook 12" only has a usb c port. Although the refreshed macbook airs got upgraded to TB2, theres a significant possibility that apple will do away with TB in the long run, similar to what it did with firewire. Most people don't need the bandwidth throughput and pure pci-express that thunderbolt provides. The average consumer prefers convenient devices, which may lead apple to drop TB in all its laptop products. Without apple, TB will fail. Intel and other laptop manufacturers will drop it as well. TB3 may not even see the light of day if this happens sooner. I don't want to be a doomsayer, but to me it feels TB will be phased out. The only remaining egpu possibilities are proprietary docks or slow 1x/2x connectors to mini pcie ports. What do you guys think about this?
  7. The alienware 14 doesnt support this. Only the new 13,15,and 17 do.
  8. Thanks for that update. Depending on the price and how good the screen options are, I might just pony up for an alienware instead of waiting for thunderbolt 3.
  9. The GT60/GT70 and newer laptops were significantly more compatible with mxm cards than the MSI sandybridge laptops (i.e. GT780). Typically has to do with optimus and the vbios of the mxm card.
  10. That is good news. The MSI sandybridge laptops didn't have alot of gpu compatibility, due to no implementation of optimus. This, along with the 7970m with old dell bios & clevo 770m, are the only gpu's after the sandybridge era to work on these laptops. Hopefully the clevo 980m would work too.
  11. I am stuck on whether to get a macbook pro 15" and build an akitio egpu, or wait for thunderbolt 3 which will be late 2015... But if I were to build an akitio egpu, I would try to fit a gtx 970 and the power supply all within the akitio chassis. I am not sure if this has been discussed before. This company called HDplex sells a miniature 250 watt modular power supply module. It requires the use of a 240 watt dell/alienware ac adapter brick. The HDplex module has 2 connectors for 6/8 pin for pci-e. There is an additional 4 pin that can be used for sata or molex, so a molex to barrel plug can be used to power the akitio box. If using the mini-itx gigabyte gtx 970, it looks like this power supply could be made to fit inside the akitio chassis as well. There would be some drilling involved for the screw mounts. Has anyone tried this?
  12. What range of performance drop is there likely to be running optimus internal lcd cloning mode, on a TB1 or TB2 connection?
  13. I'm strongly considering doing an egpu setup for my next laptop purchase, but internal lcd use is important to me. Looking over the FAQ, I am still confused when the internal lcd can be used. It seems that a nvidia egpu (kepler or newer) is much preferred. Does it still work if the laptop has a igpu + dgpu? I saw that the macbook pro 750m has issues using the internal lcd, but is that just because of apples firmware issue for optimus support in windows? I also heard nvidia removed internal lcd cloning support for older intel igpu in the latest drivers. Is that true? I'm shooting for a laptop with a high quality/resolution IPS screen, and thunderbolt 2 (or 3 when it comes out). The laptops that feature these are quite limited, being the macbook iris pro as the best solution. But I strongly dislike apple and their locked down hardware. I'd prefer to wait for lenovo's new thinkpad, hopefully it will have TB3. But it also comes with a quadro dgpu, so I gotta know if that will mess up the internal lcd function with optimus.
  14. 670mx, 675mx, 680mx do not post for the sandybridge gen msi notebooks. The reason is unknown, but it is something in the msi sandybridge gen and kepler gpu's. Now you're saying the 770m works in the 16f2, but 780m doesn't work? What the hell is going on msi???
  15. What voltage does monitoring software report for your card? I flashed a clevo 7970m with the 015.017 stock vbios in svl7's vbios pack in the first post. Technically, I think it's supposed to be 0.9V idle and 1.05V 3D clocks. But every monitoring software I use says its 0.82V idle and 1.00V 3D. Is this supposed to be correct for the 015.017 stock vbios?
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