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  1. I'm looking to buy/donate for a Prema work of art for a P775DM3-G. My enthusiasm and eagerness has made me ask in more than one place, I hope you can forgive me Prema
  2. Those temps are fine for both the GPU and CPU. The 880m's are power hungry and the 780m's are not much better. You'll find they all tend to hover around that unless you luck out with the right heatsink AND GPU. Even heatpipe quality enters into it. I'd go for the highest FPS and not worry about those temps at all.
  3. An absolute driver gold star! Works with everything I throw at it.
  4. 1. Will it support Clevo 970/980's when the 3/4GB roms are released? 2. Is thee any difference from Prema's bioses?
  5. I'll settle for 4K capability in 17" (better than TN), but the screens just don't exist so not really Clevo's fault...
  6. So after Clevo updating their keyboards, does this mod still work? I recently acquired a newer model that only has a white lit keyboard, some simple light Fx on that would be great too...
  7. I sold my trusty old P170EM so I could get an 980m in something else, but I am very excited to see this kind of development occur nonetheless!
  8. Thanks a bunch for the P670SG manual, I was looking for that. Was slightly hoping to find it on NBR but no luck.
  9. Hole smokes! 185MB for a newer Hotkey app?? Dang... On another note: any newer vBioses for us 3GB soldered boys on the P6x0SG? The 200mV slider adjustment thing you know.. if you have time...
  10. Aren't there manufacturers that use this exact keyboard and have their EC adjusted for this?
  11. Dear Sir, what excellent work you have done on these bioses! Finally my beloved P170EM can join the full-fan club and with extra bells and whistles too! I have however a request/suggestion... Is it possible to adjust the keyboard layout ourselves? I have replaced the stock keyboard with a SteelSeries and the Fn layout is all screwy... I'd love to fix that.
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