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  1. Comadron

    No permission for downloading issue

    Hello Brian, thank you very much. I'll try again later :-)
  2. Hello guys, I think it has been some time ago, after the new Homepage of TechInferno has been launched and my issue regarding getting no permission for downloading any available file takes place for the first time. I've no suggestion why. I still get the error message "no permission" and I should contact the administrator. Ok, for the meantime I thought to myself it could be also wise, to ask for assistance in this forum. Maybe someone of you could help me. Thank you in advance. kind regards, Comadron.
  3. Hello Svl7, I'm curios: is this mod also capable for the 940XM? Can I use the same pins as for the 920XM shown in your post? Thank you in advance. With kind regards, Comadron
  4. Comadron

    m18xR2 - DVD drive noisy?

    Hello everybody I've got a problem with my optical drive, too. Everytime I boot my M18x R2 and no CD/DVD is inserted, I get a sinister klick klick noise from that drive. Is this normal or not? Thank you.
  5. Comadron

    AMD 7970m - modified VBIOS

    Hello everybody! I'm new here and I want to update my sweet M18x R2 with 7970m crossfire vbios in the next time. I also want to update my A03 modified bios to A09 modified bios version. Which vbios version would be a good option to start? Thank you very much!
  6. Hello everyone! What kind of intel rapid driver are you using for your M18x r2 systems with the new bios version A09? Thank you very much!
  7. Hello everybody. Good news for all owners of a AMD GPU: I've found a solution to run older games like Diablo II (directx, opengl), CC3 or Comanche 3 Gold (Voxel Engine) with a kind of antialiasing post process tool named RadeonPro version - To perfom this, add a new profile in RadeonPro linked to your specific game.exe. - After that, activate the FXAA checkbox in Visual. => the "FXAA" option supports directx, opengl and even the voxel engine based games! You can run your game, with the new feature, now! => RadeonPro has to be active all the time!!! Have fun!
  8. Hello everyone! I'm new here and I want to update my M18x R2 from A03 modified BIOS to A09 modified Bios. Are there any known issues by flashing from A03 modified BIOS version? Thank you very much!

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