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  1. Hi allI'm trying to setup Asus G75VW + HD7970 but windows freeze at startup.Setup:Asus G75VW T2018V + bios Mod 223 ( Unlock and overclock ) XFX HD7970 for egpu, beast 8.5c mPcie, PSU Corsair CX500, windows 10 home 64i have trying with an old asus 9600gt and a gtx 560 no problem the system boot and detect egpu.When i boot with HD7970 setup 1.35 detect the gpu but after reboot => freeze.I have trying to boot with 9600gt hibernate windows switching with the AMD the system detect my HD7970 installing driver but after reboot freeze at startup... I have trying with fresh install w10 and w7=> freeze -with another PSU EVGA Gold 750w => freeze reboot* -Downclocking GPU 15% => freeze reboot -Set power Profile =>freeze reboot Some Pictures:https://goopics.net/i/EX7lXhttps://goopics.net/i/beEO8https://goopics.net/i/WvEGqhttps://goopics.net/i/Dg7llWhen i boot with the amd in bios version there is ??.N54G753.0 in place of 80.07.2C.00.15.N54G753.0.That's normal? I have trying to modify bios to activate Hotplug. But Chipset tab is always hide (Change boolean 01 01 00 01 01 01 in setup Mod)Can you help me please ?
  2. before use this soft i have clean my G75vw, when i play a game (TESO), the T°C is arround 60°C max.
  3. be carrefull to this soft, its dangerous for the screen
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