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  1. Hello! Please help me unlock my BIOS Here are my results: https://www.sendspace.com/file/puisvf Thanks
  2. I have this computer, and there is only one card you can put in it that's "newer". If you have the GTX 660M, you can get a GTX 670M version made for this computer. Other than that, you cannot put any newer card in the computer (incompatible hardware and chipsets). Btw, it is possible to install a modded BIOS for this computer to overclock your graphics card. You could get a little extra performance that way.
  3. What would be the best or recommended overclocking program to use for a G75VW (GTX 660m)? What do you guys recommend?
  4. My favorite is Asus ROG. I have one right now (although older), it works very well and I highly recommend them. They also look really slick and cool!
  5. I've been using this mod for quite awhile now. Works amazingly, and props to sv17, thank you very much! But I just realized I didn't use the overclocked version! I have a question though. With the current original mod, using MSI AfterBurner, I cannot overclock the base clock any higher than 835. Is that normal? I understand that once I flash the overclocked version this limit will be removed?
  6. What is the best VBIOS for the 980m in m17xr4?
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