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  1. Last time I bought a gaming machine there wasn't too many options, but now there are many more, is Alienware still good or has someone else taken the crown?
  2. I am also running a MBPr13 for Uni and It's a little bit on the heavy side. I used an iPad Air for a year and a half before that, so portability was a big concern for me, I just didn't want something so underpowered like the 12" macbook. Having said that, I found that I did almost no gaming or video editing or anything on the MBP just Uni work! given that, the 12" macbook would have been a better buy. If I wanted to play games too, the Dell XPS13 would be my first pick, though pretty pricey to use as a Uni computer in my opinion.
  3. I carried my 17" Alienware to work every day, and I really hated it. I never played games at work and it was just heavy and a pain to carry. I wish I had gotten a MacBook Air at the time. Having said that I probably wouldn't want less than 17" for games. I saw it less as a "laptop" and more of a portable gaming computer which is a lot more convenient to move and carry than a desktop and easy to set up for LAN parties etc.
  4. Interestingly I have the same setup. Ran the 660m for ages and ended up running it overclocked, but it was never particularly powerful. I guess for me I decided to upgrade because I could, not necessarily because I should. the i7 still works well and I have 32gb of Ram so I thought the cheapest option would be to just upgrade the card. If you could get an upgrade card cheap, yeah that would probably be the way to go.
  5. I have had my m17r4 without issue for 6 or so years, Until I installed windows 10, but I did manage to get everything working in the end. The rubber coating looks a bit scratched up on the outside, the metal for the switch panel chipped up a bit and some marks on the screen but otherwise it's held up amazingly well. The fact I am still here trying to get a 980m working on it is testament to it's quality. Based on that I would buy another Alienware, but I think the game has moved on significantly, and there are now a lot more options for portable gaming systems.
  6. Hello, I'm Ryan from Australia and I pre-release ordered an Alienware m17xR4 with a 660m some years ago! Rather than bin the thing, I decided to throw a 980m at it, but I'm stuck on a code 43 error. Looking to get an unlocked bios for it, hoping that will get it working. Not really sure why it's so hard to get, besides the fact it's a few years old now. 980m's are getting pretty cheap so I imagine there are a few people hoping to do the same.
  7. can't get my 980m working. It's detected in windows 10, and I installed the custom drivers but its code 43 don't have unlocked BIOS
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