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  1. Hi, I use Linux and I am in the process of building a new machine. I keep trying to find an excuse to buy 16c/32/t threadripper even though I know its too much for my needs. I am a developer and use Linux as my main driver. Even with multiple VM’s it might bee to much. Those of you developers with threadripper, do you regret it? how many cores are you guys really using? I know folks who render graphics and video can benefit from extra cores and crazy amounts of ram. As for ram IDK if I should go 32 or 64, I would do 64 if we where not being scammed by those RAM manufacturers. I currently use like 20 when doing work, between Chrome, VM, and docker containers, ediots, DB… What do you guys think should I go 1800x or 1950x? Thanks
  2. I've been experienced some FPS drop with G-Sync activated when playing League of Legends. What happens is that the game starts with about 300/400 FPS and after some seconds, they drop to about only 30 FPS, or even less. The model is P650RP6G, clevo. My solution was to disable G-Sync to that game on the Nvidia control panel and that was running normal. This was happening in version Now, Nvidia launches the version and they solved this issue. I can now play LoL with G-Sync ON and have no FPS drop. Just installed the update that GeForce Experience was asking for... However, it is still necessary to block the FPS in game to 144, instead of default uncapped. If you let it in uncapped, above 300 fps it will do an image "error", appearing that the player "flashes" when you click to move it. So, you need to update to latest driver, turn G-Sync ON and open the game. In the Video Configuration, blockyou max FPS to 144.
  3. Clevo's BIOS update contains this one. BIOS 02/07/2017 1. System BIOS 1.05.09 2. Add Fn + G + Power Button Function 1.05.09 B10509.zip So what's the meaning for 'Fn + G + Power Button'?
  4. I just find a tool to update driver for clevo laptop. OBSIDIAN TOOL To make the drivers install process more easy and to help you keep your laptop updated, we decided to make our very own app. At this time this app does not support all models and is still in development, but you can download it and try it already. The download is above inside the folder "OBSIDIAN TOOL". To stay updated with the development take a look in forum. https://www.obsidian-pc.com/en/downloads
  5. I flash the clevo bios for my Terrans Force laptop, but the fastboot option in BIOS has gone. When i turn on it, it takes more than 10s in self-checking. How long does it take for your laptop to boot?
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