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  1. none1

    [M11x R3] - BIOS A05 *unlocked*

    Hi guy, a friend of mine gave me his old m11xr3 and im trying ti bring this baby back to live, i read ur posts and it sounds great but i cannot have access to the software, is there anyway i can obtain suport from any of the moderators? Im really excited to bring this laptop to 2018.
  2. Im in love of this old mighty laptop, works great
  3. none1

    M11X Heatsink copper mod

    jtothe could you share a picture of ur watercoller sistem, ty sound awsome
  4. none1

    M11x IPS display upgrade

    i just got one, ill try the mod ty
  5. none1

    Change the fan speed in m11x r3

    Can it be done in the m11x r3?

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