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  1. Despite any further firewall dedicated mini-PCs, a custom DD-WRT firmware on Your internet gateway is a must-have. Nowadays when the manufacturer does not update their routers or the support lifespan is not longer than 2 years, updating the router with custom firmware is necessary. Regardless, even though the router may be supported, the manufacturer's firmware may not be trustworthy as it often is (see US-based brands). As bubelarek said, an intel-based HTPC mini-PC would be a way to go for an efficient and affordable external firewall.
  2. I've had a 15'' so I've had a 17'' during my life. I wouldn't choose a 15'' for a primary system again - it's too small for FHD resolution. This is kind of Your preference but still as others said, there are pros and there are cons o 17''. Talking about FHD resolution again, it's easy to say You will work using an external display but what about times You will not? I don't want a 15'' for my primary notebook. If You consider choosing a secondary one, 15'' might be worth thinking of. Still, GTX 1080 and 15''? Would never consider such option.
  3. I agree with runix18. Alienware is passé unless You decide to overpay to get a cool logo. Besides, Clevo seems to have a much bigger community support.
  4. Fellow Users, I kindly ask every owner of Clevo P170SM to share their experience with updating their system with Prema BIOS P170SM_34_31_PM_v2. FAQ Q: What is the checksum of the official "P170SM_34_31_PM_v2.rar"? A: MD5 checksum is: 07198c20968275d6004562d4e5da89ef Q: What is the password to "P170SM_34_31_PM_v2.rar"? A: The password is: premamod.com
  5. The same with me except I wanna update P170SM, not P150SM. I'm pretty nervous about the process and I double check everything so I won't brick my system. Is there anyone here who applied Prema's P170SM_34_31_PM_v2? What is the difference between v1 and v2?
  6. I'm also interested how to get info on Prema Mod BIOS. His Last post here was on Dec 2016, thus he seems to not be active anymore at the scene. Here are all Prema sites.
  7. Hi, I've just registered to TechInferno being attracted by personal involvement of Prema and his BIOS modifications for Clevo computer systems. I hope I'll get Elite Membership eventually and gain the needed privileges to download Premamod stuff.
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