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  1. Nevermind, I figured it out. I had to switch over the graphics using FN+ F7 then install the modded drivers.
  2. I've tried using a modded INF file for my Clevo 670MX on my Alienware M17XR4 without luck. Do you think a video card bios change is in order? If so how would it be done since I can't find a similar 3gb 670MX bios?
  3. I'm quite curious if there is any point in upgrading to the newest bios for the CPU fixes. I was told by a friend that it's worth it for the security, but I'm wondering if it would effect business' more than individuals?
  4. I'm trying to upgrade my R4 to the max it can do (did the CPU/Memory), but these graphic card prices really suck.
  5. So I found a M17RX4 at a recycle center with a dead video card. Other than the video card the machine was fine. I installed the Clevo card and found it recognized it in the bios, however no matter what I did the machine would not see the Clevo card in Windows and I couldn't install drivers via normal or modded methods. I know the Clevo is a little different from the normal 670mx cards out there (being 3gb and all), but is there a way to get the dell to recognize it?
  6. Just found this site in regards to my M17Xr4. Had to do a little investigating and realized that my computer was basically being slowed down to dell's bios releases.. Anyway, glad to be aboard here!
  7. I downgraded from A14 -> A12 -> A11 and it worked just fine, so that's a plus. (I was kinda freaking out during the whole thing). I just found out that the A11 was basically the last bios that was unlocked and I really wanted to tweak everything, so I felt like I had no choice lol.
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