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  1. Ur right xonar coz i tried vengeance still no luck i will try to find hyper X pnp! But i have question when i push the start button the Led lights up and the fan is running and after a while the start to increase rpm?if theres any problem or is that normal coz i dont have ram with xmp profiles?
  2. Thanks for the advice....hyper X is Kingston, vengeance is corsair can I use either? Coz I have hard time of finding hyper X Again thanks for the advice! God bless.....
  3. Same problem with Simonious007, i already tried resetting CMOS and force bios using usb flash disk and i also Replace my memory with 8Gb with 1600Mhz on my msi gt683r still no luck,anyone can help me?
  4. Sorry for that i didnt see it coz im very anxious to fix this problem i post it immediately!thanks....im going to buy Ram with 1600Mhz to fix it!thanks again
  5. Anyone can help me,after i updated my bios to unlocked version,my laptop is gt683r,everything is ok!so after that I do some changing of settings,like the XMP i put in profile 1 and memory in1600mhz, my memory is only 1333mhz When i save the changes and booted it only gives black screeni already done removing the Cmos battery lead but Still the same problem,hope somebody can help me, Thanks in advance
  6. you can use the one from clevo coz i already tried it and it works smoothly......
  7. I have problem with my gt683r,"Dont support the LED controller.Please uninstall msi Led manager" before it is working.need help.
  8. Can anyone tell me the highest possible gpu upgrade on msi gt683r?
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