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  1. Ok, sorry about that, I read the rules but I apparently missed that, sorry again. Do you know of any more things I could try Xonar? I appreciate it.
  2. Why do the posts disappear? I just asked if anyone else had an idea, or if Xonar had any other thoughts? Thank you
  3. Okay, here is what I've tried, unplugging the cable for cmos battery, flashed the new bios, contacted seller, and turns out he runs a pawn shop, and had NO idea of password, he wouldn't return it either, he said that is modifying what he has for sale. Apparently he doesn't realize if you can't get into the bios, you have half a computer. I've tried some somewhere that I found on the web, and hiren's boot cd. nothing gets rid of that password!!
  4. Hi, yes had the main power out of the laptop. I still can't believe this thing. Grrr.
  5. Hi, already done that, I left it unplugged for about a half hour to be sure. This is sure got be stumped, thanks for your reply.
  6. Hi, new here, and don't even know if this is okay to do, but I have the MSI GT683R, I bought in for my son from ebay, my ebay handle is "jaackdeth" and he wanted to put in a different hard drive, I believe a SSD drive, anyway when he tries to go into bios, it asked for a password, I have tried everything on Google to help him, but to no avail. I/He is the owner, and I can prove that, so you don't think it's stolen, I hear that a lot. Can anyone please help?? Thank you
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