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  1. Hi all! What is the best setting in the bios? I know that disable bidi prochot and turbo are recommended, but the others? what i have to enable or disable especially in cpu thermal configuration? dts, acpi 3.0 t-states? And my other question is the dptf! dptf,lpm,clpm, processor thermal device and pch thermal device (en or disable?). I dont know so much about these settings. Thanks for ur reply and help!
  2. Yes. It is the same game. It worked well with oc never got error message on a11. I have no idea. maybe i should go back to a04 then a11 edit: now iam using unlocked a11 again. I just simply go back to official a11 and then unlocked a11. It solves my problem. No crashes, everything is perfect!
  3. I tried it, but didnt help me. When the game is crashing it goes back to default values. Im sure it is not the game fault, bec on the prev bios version i was able to play more than 5hours without crashes.
  4. I tested this unlocked bios, before that I used unlocked a11 bios, it was perfect. I did a clean installation after i upgraded my bios. I wanted to use 1100/2400.I use these settings since one year. My problem is that after few minutes (in the case of sc blacklist) the game is crashing. I trried to use both p5 or p0 states and tried different drivers. (320.49, 326.80) I use nvidia inspector, I noticed that every time it was reseted to default settings. 835/1000 Is it normal or something is wrong? A11 was worked fine. Thanks for your hard work and reply!
  5. Firstly I installed the first unlcoked v1 a11 but i always get error 252. After you modified it i tried this one: [FPT]-M17x_R4_BIOS_A11_-_[unlocked]V2.zip (download from the 1st page). When i completed i noticed that u updated it to [FPT][M14x R2] BIOS A11 'unlocked' - 650m 950-1400 - TEST-V2.zip. It works good, i just tested it.... edit: @Michael! Is it possible to adjust the voltage that dont drop from 1,037 to 1,012? svl7 said that it is possible sometime but he too busy right now to do this. I can send log file or whatever u need
  6. Thanks! It works good (after some blindflash and windows install) With the m17 bios my computer booted, dont crashed down but the gpu is not detected in the bios. This modified m14 test2 solved the problem. good work!
  7. I have the same problem! Low res., drivers stars installing.. But how do you solved the gpu problem? I cant install nvidia driver...But now i have a11 unlcoked bios
  8. I also have the same problem. Firstly i installed the original a11 and then this modded a11. *.bin doesnt found. If I rename it to M14x-R2.bin it complete the process but crashed down the copmuter after restart. Now I did a blind flash to a04 and update it to a11 ( in a11 no *.fd file) What do u suggest to me?
  9. Hi @svl7! Im on ur modded a10 bios as u know! Is it possible to update it to the new unlocked a11 by the usual way? (using insydeFlash) or this is the only way? thx for ur excelllent work!!
  10. Hi svl7! Is it possible if you have free time to adjust my gpu voltages? dont know why drops from 1,037 to 1,012.. i noticed something: if i run the nvidiainspector with windows start the p-states change earlier. If dont you can see. I think it is a long time. or it is normal? (i started windows with my settings 1130/2800)
  11. okay! thanks for it and your and deadbydawn help! I attached 2 gpu-z file.3dmark & farcry3 . 3dmark vantage.txt GPU-Z Sensor Log farcry3.txt
  12. @svl7! I installed ur a10bios and it works good, i had no problem with the downgrade. My question is: Is it normal that gpu core voltage drops from 1,037V to 1,012V? my settings are the following: 1130/2800
  13. I used legacy boot of course, I read somewhere that its suggested.
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