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  1. hello guys, i would like to flash the unlocked bios a well for my p870tm1-g, is there any available, and also where i can find an unlocked vbios for the clevo gtx 1080 gpu? thank you
  2. i have the same issues with my gpu as well on the same laptop, i have a gtx 980m and in some games on high settings it gets up to 90c, repasted the gpu and cpu cleaned the heat pipes but the same happens, i am on stock bios at the moment but i will flash premas bios soon
  3. hello guys, i just bought this clevo laptop p670se with a gtx 970 m and a i7 4720hq everything works fine in iddle mode for the gpu but when i star a game the cpu gets quite hot, i know this is a laptop and the cooling is not the best but the gpu stays coole then the cpu i have also repasted both of them with arctic silver 5, i also have an alienware m18x r1 and never had cooling problems for the cpu, could it be the bios as i heard on some people? any help would be apreciated, thank you
  4. any chance to get my bios unlocked as well and which version of nvflash to use please?thank you GM204.rom
  5. hello guys, back again on the forums, i have just bought a new clevo p670sm laptop with a gtx 970m gpu(soldered to the motherboard) can i flash an unlocked vbios for the card and also where can i find one and how to flash it? any help will be much apreciated, i have attached a copy of my vbios. thank you GM204.rom
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