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  1. need to unlock the whitelist to upgrade the wireless card on an IdeaPad Y500 nvidia 750m laptop. can someone help? Quote
  2. Hi there you brought hope back to me because I almost gave up on how to remove whitelist from IdeaPad Y500 after doing so much trials and so many errors stuff. I have an updated bios V 2.03 on an IdeaPad Y500 Generation 2 with the 2 Nvidia 750m cards. So according to your quote above a modified Bios is required. Also svl7 wrote in the opening page of this long thread that: "if your laptop bios is version 2.02 or 2.03 you can safely use the 2.04 update". So so in simple steps how can I get first to version 2.04 and then to modify the resulting Bios to set me free?
  3. Quote: To make things easy paste your 'fptw64' folder in C drive. The directory will now be c:\fptw64. Open command prompt as administrator (important). Type cd c:\fptw64\ and then fptw64.exe -d biosbackup.bin -bios It will start backing up and the newly generated biosbackup.bin found in the fptw64 folder will be your bios backup. I tried this method. The first part was OK cd: cd c:\fptw64\ the second part was rejected as it's not a cmdlet, function. script file or operable with lots of red stuff Quote My system is IdeaPad Y500 with 2 Nvidia 750m 2G graphic cards. One card is soldered to the Intel graphic card and the other is removable. The Bios version is 2.03. I want to remove one of the Nvidia card and add a powerful external GPU for better gaming. Before I commit to buying the new card: Can the 2.03 Bios version accept the external card or do I need to flash the Bios?
  4. This is my first question. Hope it has not been answered. If I'm to unlock the Bios, can the Lenovo IdeaPad 500 be connected to an external powerful GPU? My laptop came equipped with 2 Nvidia GT 750 one soldered to the Intel Graphic card and the second one removable.

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