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  1. Does anyone know or able to link me to how to update my bios without having access to windows? I found one with instructions for a DOS drive for bios recovery, but is it the same procedure or is there an easier one? (could i do it from a live linux drive? ) Im just waiting for approval to download the a05 unlocked bios, then while im waiting for a replacement hard drive cable i can use it as a second monitor (Is it only 5 posts i need to unlock the rank needed to download the a05?) Thank you in advance ^.^
  2. I recently picked up a 8350k, and since its quite on par with the 7600k im very happy with it, for 100$ cheaper. thinking of upgrading to the i7 when they become available, what are peoples thoughts on the chipset as a whole?
  3. im currently running a m18x, and i briefly had a 15r2, (alienwares) and the 15r2 was a really nice laptop, if you got a newer model with a 10 series card, you would enjoy it heavily for a long time
  4. I personally own an Oculus, (paid 520$ CAD for it off of amazon, came with 2 sensors and the touch controllers) and honestly i really enjoy it. without the touch controllers it a novelty, with them its really fun. But as some people said, the pixel density isnt high enough, but you dont notice it that much when playing alot of the oculus touch games at all, because of how immersed you become.
  5. I own 483 at the moment, im so close to getting the big 500! currently all im playing is player battlegrounds tho hahaha
  6. I personally quite enjoy Eve Online, im going to purchase Eve online valkyrie soon to try that out
  7. The Xbox 360 uses a combination CPU/Gpu soldered to the board as far as i know, so it wouldnt be possible as its not removable, nor would it perform as well in pc games as its optimized for 720P 30FPS gaming. but from a brief online reading your laptop has a MXM port correct? I would price out a card from ebay and order one with the matching MXM slot, (do alot of research first) and that should give your old laptop the boost it needs
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