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  1. Im using Gelid GC extreme now , using very tiny drop. less is more never used liquid metal thermal paste have to test in the future.
  2. Think you have all need. Download and install latest BIOS\EC Download new video drivers, do not install Uninstall existing drivers Turn off system and remove power cord Remove battery Disassemble laptop and Remove old Video Card Install new video card Re-assemble notebook Install battery and plug in Turn on system Install new drivers
  3. My first computer was an Amiga 500, used a Motorola 68000 microprocessor that ran at 7.14 MHz and had 512 KB of RAM. It was a revolution in computerworld that days :). Playing games like, bundesliga manager hattrick, kick off2, zack mckracken... Also lots software was available... 3d, music...
  4. I think your Motherboard is gone, take out the gpu and look if it boots. Maybe you better bought a new laptop instead, how much did all these parts costs?
  5. Did you tried to reset your bios first? What hardware did you overclock gpu or cpu , both? ssd and ram should not be fried and replaced. check your Motherboard cpu and gpu only one of them could be broken... Give more info please about what you are overclocking
  6. Hello, I found a pretty cheap gtx 1060 mxm. Had read that it was possible to upgrade my clevo. I have done the inf driver mod. and installed the nvidia drivers. After restart i can see specs in gpuz but when i want to launch a game it says directx device creation error. It seems it refuses to run from the dgpu Is anyone there who can give advice? How can I get this to work properly? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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