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  1. Thank you so much you are amazing! I successfully did it proof Is there any reason for not passing above 102.7MHz BCLK? other than IGPU? well.. if it is indeed IGPU.. then is there a way to overclock IGPU so it gives us option to a higher BCLK ?
  2. Thanks for the reply I skip to dumping and editing the bios section but I can't fully dump my BIOS which is 8mb dump because it shows me this error [The host CPU does not have read access to the target flash area. To enable read access for this operation you must modify the descriptor settings to give host access to this region] so.. you said on the guide I must modify the Descriptor region for read/write access to solve this problem but... how? I read all your guide but couldn't find the way of modify the Descriptor region for read/write access problem. Thank you for providing the guide and thank you for your time & effort Edit:- alright I did it ! I have now full 8mb bios dump.
  3. So does the BCLK work on 6700HQ? no matter if it is MSI or ASUS or any other OEM? because really.. having 6700HQ BCLK unlocked will be something really special.. does your Guide can be applied on other OEMs? I have Asus laptop fully unlocked BIOS with 6700HQ And also.. what I want is to be able unlock BCLK only so.. what section on your guide is important.. since you mentioned Asus is already unlocked
  4. Hello , I have ASUS model GL553VD unlocked BIOS but I couldn't unlock the Chipset menu... could you please do that for me? take your time and no pressure at all I'm not asking for any ETA's. I uploaded my BIOS dump on my google drive , Thank you. My System dump
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