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  1. Hi Prema and techs, i have a P570WM with 120hz LCD.but there is not an internal 3D emitter in the model.And the motherboard is V2.3A. When i flashed WM3 BIOS,I can use 3D VISION with USB 3D emitter and 3D glasses.But i can't adjust the brightness.(the brightness can be adjust with WM BIOS.) When i enter the BIOS Setup interface,i can adjust the brightness.But when i enter the windows,i can't do it anymore. I found that the 3D model with V2.2A motherboard and internal 3D emitter can adjust the brightness in WM3 BIOS.So what caused this difference?motherboard?LCD panel?OR internal 3D emitter? How can i make brightnesscontrol work with WM3 BIOS?or can i do something to convert it to a 3D mode? thanks for your help.
  2. Because of their additional length an width.P570WM can not directly support GTX980 SLI. MSI version of GTX980 can be used in the slave MXM slot but not the master slot because of the power supply cable for fan.By contrast,CLEVO version of GTX980 can be used in the master MXM slot but not the slave slot because of the PCH heatsink.Just like Prema said,if you want to have a second 980 for SLI,you might need a modification with a Dremel. For how to get the card,i think we can only get it by removing it from P775DM1 or GT80S for the moment.But maybe you can find it on the Ebay after a while.i dont think the price will be low.At least $1000 i guess.
  3. it doesn't seems to have power connector..
  4. Sorry,There are several mistakes in my post.and now i have corrected them.it seems that p770dm/p750dm's motherboard is the same as P775DM's.someone(@t456 in NBR) tell me that the connector isn't there doesn't means it isn't powered.AND we can check it with multimeter,there's a great possibility it does work.if it's not.i think we can check if any capacitors and resistors/relays have been omitted.if they have then we could use the P775DM Service Manual and find out which components and values we need to get the power supply port working.so i think P750DM/P770DM have a great chance to use GTX980(Not consider the shape of the card,the are many versions of gtx980 and all of them are bigger,so i'm not sure they can be installed to P750DM/P770DM LOL).but obviously P750ZM/P770ZM will be much more difficult, as the motherboard is different to the DM series'.
  5. hi prema.After comparison,i found that there is circuit designed for the power supply port in P751DM,but the port was not soldered to themotherboard.and i also heard that some versions of P770ZM have these ports soldered. this is a P751DM.as we can see,there is a power supply port without welding in the red frame. and i heard that P770DM's motherboard is the same as P750DM'S.so i think it has the same port too. this is a P775DM with a power supply port.it seens that its motherboard is the same as P750DM/P770DM'S. Remarkably,P750ZM doesn't seem to have this port.Because it is useing a different motherboard. and these is a P770ZM-G's motherboard.Obviously its motherboard is the same as P750ZM'S. so sadly,P770ZM-g might not have this kind of port.Someone tell me his P770ZM has same socket,But I can't confirm it.i I had guessed P750ZM and P770ZM are using the samemotherboard.SO If it is convenient for you,can you check it?THX alot~~ AND.......this is all my guess.LOL~~
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