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  1. Looks like the problem was in PSU. Any one have had trouble with a modular psu? I swapped psu to a 600w regular one (from a 700w modular) and it worked. Btw, im using 3 monitor setup. (Internal, VGA output, and eGPU hdmi output). When i put some weight on gpu (cinebench) there are signal degradation in VGA laptop output. Any one have had experienced this?
  2. Hey @gerald ! I just got my adapter today Ty! But I'm having some trouble, im using a rx470 card with a 600w psu. Card is not being detected by windows. When i power the laptop, the card fans blow for 2 sec then stops, but card lights stay powered on. Im using 3.07 oficial bios, retail uefi grub dualboot w8.1 - debian Bios setup is in Legacy mode Any insights? @Tesla @David 'SOAP' Washington @Kuneroll @Swung Huang
  3. Thats an interesting guide. Unfortunately im waiting for @gerald on paypal data to buy the adaptor. Maybe @Bos Maior or @Kuneroll or even @Tesla can try it on their systems. Btw, @Swung Huang ty for clarification. So when you guys say that internal screen doesnt work, are you referring to gaming performance, more exactly that internal screen cant use egpu resources, right?
  4. Quite a bit late here. But im wondering (if you still hv your lenovo) how do you apply the additional thermal paste (Modified/repasted heat sink ) to increase cooling? Maybe do you have some pictures? And what do you mean with "Main fan un-shrouded" and "Main fan on/off switch (for 100% speed)" Ty!
  5. @Bos Maior I did take all night reading the entire thread, but im still confused at something. Some guys here said that own laptop's screen doesnt work when using an AMD card, but some of your post (and @Kuneroll s) show a 3 screen setup working, including the internal one with a AMD card right? I ask that as i hv a RX 470 Nitro boxed here. Ty!
  6. How are you doing this Tesla? I mean, theres a normal SATA port, a mSATA (at ultrabay side), and the m2 port right? But how are you supporting the HDD connected to the msata port when you need to keep connecting-disconnecting gerald's adaptor? Another question: What m2 drive are you using? I´ve read that only certain models are allowed in that slot. Ty!
  7. Hey gerald, it is possible to use your adapter simultaneously with the sata HDD, or some frankenstein would be needed?
  8. @QDIRHow are you going with that RX480 setup? Can you use laptops own screen, or just The gpu outputs? Btw, if you disconnect the adaptor (due to some travel or anything) you hv to go into bios to re enable video? And what about your gaming? TY! @Swung Huang Are you planning to sell your adaptor's version?
  9. I came kind of late to this, but is @geraldstill selling those adaptors?
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