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  1. What I usualy do when something like this arises is run each stick through Slot #1 and #3 if it's dual or one stick at a time in #1 and run Memcheck to verify the sticks are ok. You can also perform this check in other sockets to test those as well. It's not often that changing the CPU Cooler damamges the RAM/Socket unless you bump them pretty hard.
  2. Planetside 2 Is currently holding a promotion where if you purchase a Planetside 2 game card from Gamestop you also receive a NS11 Rifle in-game. Not sure how great the rifle is but worth checking out.
  3. Has anyone added a secondary hard drive to your M17x? I ordered my build with a 256GB SSD and don't want to completely use that drive of it's space. Anyone who has done it, was it a quick install or a do I have to disassemble anything?
  4. Having an issue with a RAM Upgrade on an HP Mini 210 1171-NR Manutfacture states 1GB in 1 SLOT is max though several proven tests shows that the System can actually accept a 2GB Stick without issue. I have tried 2 different sticks, one at the recommended clock speed and one slightly slower and both failed to post. Any other tricks I am missing? Thanks in advance.
  5. Question, when i download this update how should I apply? Update to A08 Unlocked then A09 unlocked or can I just go straight to A09 unlocked? I remember reading that it was best to apply the updates consecutively. Is this true?
  6. DJSNiperwolf

    Far Cry 3

    Possibly graphic driver update? It seems that Far cry 3 and BF3 are very sketchy when it comes to video cards and drivers.
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