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  1. Hello TI I purchased my m17x r4 with a 750gb HD. I want to add a second drive, an SSD, and make it the primary one. I have the cage that holds the hard drive (it came with my laptop), but I cannot find a suitable SSD to fit the slot. All the SSDs I've found on Amazon and Newegg don't seem to have this style of port. I've uploaded three pictures to Imgur to show what I mean m17x r4 drive bay - Imgur The third image shows how the HD fits into the laptop, you basically insert it from the top, and then screw the HD down through the HD cage. If anyone could post links to SSDs that fit this description, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks! Raymosrunerx
  2. Hello everyone, it's been a very very long time since I perused this forum. I plan on getting an m18x, but with my budget, I can either get the 2GB GDDR5 NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 680M (one card) or Dual 2GB GDDR5 NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 675M - SLI® Enabled (two cards). I have several questions: 1.) Is there a performance difference? Will the SLI cards perform better than the 680M or will the operate about the same? 2.) If I go with the 680M option, is there a place where I can buy another 680M down the road if I ever need to upgrade? Will it have SLI enabled when I stick it in, or do I need some additional cable? 3.) I read in one of TI's posts that the AMD Radeon™ HD 7970M performs about the same as the 680M, but there is a lack of PhysX and good driver support. However, getting two of those cards in CrossfireX will only get me one 680M card. If you had to pick between the GeForce 675M SLI option, Radeon 7970M CrossfireX option, and the single 680M card, which would you pick? If it's really easy to do, I would rather get the 680M card and upgrade later by adding in a new card. However, I don't know how one would obtain it, nor do I know if there are any other steps involved in doing it Any help is greatly appreciated! Raymosrunerx
  3. I'll get the H80 cpu cooler then, there is a 2x120 but its separated by a sheet of metal... Should be enough I think... Also, thanks for all the tips! I guess I will just have to wait and see when the mobo comes out for the specific parts
  4. Could you help me make a list of parts to get? i7-3930K Processor (still havent found PSU with enough power) Asrock X79 Extreme11 motherboard (RAM? need some compatible with mobo) CORSAIR H100 CPU cooler Geforce GTX 680 graphics EDIT: isn't the gtx 690 just two 680s slapped together? Does that mean its not possible to have a quad-sli build of 4 690s?
  5. Is there a processor that can support 64 lanes? (4 x16) Do you think that they will release more ivy-bridge processors that can support more lanes than 16?
  6. Another off-topic question... why are nvidia tesla cards so expensive/are they computing only or can you use a tesla card for gaming?
  7. I was looking at the intel page for the the 3930k and the 3770k, and I saw this for the 3770k Expansion Options PCI Express Revision 3.0 # of PCI Express Ports 1 and this for the 3930k Expansion Options PCI Express Revision 2.0 # of PCI Express Ports 10 What is the difference?
  8. I'll keep a separate bitcoin wallet for the lab, I'll tell my boss that I was making money for the lab to do more experiments during the idle times of the server :3.
  9. So what components (mobo, processor, gfx cards, etc) would you recommend I get? PS: I only really plan on getting 1 gfx card, maybe 2, but I want to be able to expand to 4... so a mobo with 4 x16 pci 3.0 slots would be nice... I don't mind paying a little bit more for a mobo and a psu that has a lot of expandability
  10. Well, I cant really say if I'd get in trouble though because I was never told what I can or can not do... The research head just threw some servers at me and said this is what I have to work with... I'm really the only one who has access to them also
  11. I'm building a rig, but the electric bills are covered, I'm basically running all this in the lab. Speaking of which, I have no idea how to install any of that sh*t on linux, the Windows GUI was so easy to use. If I could do it on linux, then I could use several servers when there are no jobs on them (I'm the admin of them anyways).
  12. Its a p2p currency system, developed by MIT. I've started farming on my m14x, only using the GPU because I'm not using it right now :3. Does anyone know a thing or two about installing software on linux? I've tried to install this program but it simply isnt working
  13. Guys, I'm almost tempted to get this Newegg.com - ASUS P8Z77 WS LGA 1155 Intel Z77 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard Just because it has 4 3.0 x16 slots... If I wanted to do something like bitcoin mining when I am not using the computer EDIT: Actually, I want this! :3 ASRock > Products > Z77 Extreme9 I just cant find it anywhere... EDIT 2: I was just watching a video of a demonstration by a guy from ASRock, and he mentioned that you can do 2-way sli with x16/x16 or x8/x8/x8/x8... What do those numbers mean?
  14. raymosrunerx


    Hello I was talking to someone over steam (who I met over tf2) and was talking about how he uses a computer and his gpus during his bedtime and when he works to mine bitcoins. Apparently he can get cash off of them, has anyone tried this before?
  15. Also, thinking about getting this power supply Newegg.com - Rosewill LIGHTNING-1300 1300W Continuous@50°C,80 PLUS GOLD Certified,Pipe-rock Modular Design,Single +12V Rail,ATX12V v2.3/EPS12V v2.92,SLI&CrossFire Ready,Active-PFC Power Supply
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