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  1. Hey there, rancorx2. I'm not sure how much help I can be, but maybe my suggestion can help narrow down the problem. When I upgraded my Y500 to Windows 10 with a clean install, I vaguely remember having some issues with SLI, initially.. Perhaps, try the following: Download the latest Nvidia drivers from their website, then uninstall all Nvidia drivers and software, completely, from your laptop. Reboot, reinstall everything, and reboot again. Optionally, you could disable the Windows update service temporarily, at the beginning of this process, to prevent it from attempting to reinstall a driver automatically. I'm not totally sure, but I feel like my issues in the past had something to do with Windows update and the way it handled this. Or, perhaps, letting Windows install the driver for you, first, then updating it, might work. Another option: Choosing to "clean install" in Nvidia installer vs not choosing the clean install. This may or may not make a difference, but I've heard it might in some cases. You might have to attempt this multiple times, from what I gather from other, similar cases on other forums. If a third or fourth attempt with variations (like disabling wupdate) doesn't fix it, then this is probably not the issue. Lastly, I found a slightly old guide along the same lines as the steps I listed, above, that you may prefer to check out, here: https://www.reddit.com/r/nvidia/comments/3fdcqw/upgrading_to_windows_10_read_me_first/ Good luck, I hope this helps in some way!
  2. Discord has replaced most other forms of communication while gaming, for me. It's also a great way to find and get involved with communities and like-minded people for many applications other than gaming. It's intuitive and powerful, combines many of the strengths of other options of the past into one seamless, simple. and efficient interface, and the developers seem to be very in-touch with their user community. It has everything you'd need out of something like it, and more - all for free. Other programs along these lines that I've used in the past include Mumble, Ventrilo, and TeamSpeak. TeamSpeak and Ventrilo have been around forever, and are very widely used and familiar to most. Works pretty well out-of-the-box, with some tweaking here and there. Mumble is newer - designed with low latency, great quality, and security in mind. Some have trouble setting it up, initially, but all that takes is a little reading and some patience. It also includes a great built-in overlay - better, in my opinion, than the separately-installed TeamSpeak overlay "OverWolf", If not for Discord, Mumble would be my top pick, for sure. Skype can work too, but it's worse in pretty much every aspect that matters, in comparison to anything else. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, but, in the end, if you're like me, the main factor in choosing any client over the others will be the people you intend to talk with and which client they use. c:
  3. Great guide! Seems pretty simple to follow, and I'm looking forward to attempting this as soon as I'm allowed to download things.
  4. Doozy

    Y500 Main VGA flash

    Ah, this issue! I am not sure where I first learned about this, but I ran into the same issue about 2 months after I bought my Y500, a few years ago. I must have been extremely unlucky for it to die on me so quickly! At least you got some amount of use out of it. If I remember correctly, the SSD in these laptops is used together with the HDD sort of like a hybrid drive, but it's apparently prone to failure, resulting in extremely long boot/reboot/shut down times and constant 100% HDD usage reported in task manager. Removing the SSD, back then, solved my issue, no other changes necessary. Results in slightly slower boot times, etc., without the boost from the SSD "cache", understandably, but otherwise runs perfectly fine. At the time, I had not modified or messed with my Y500 in any way, so your modifications/flashing of the BIOS were not the cause of the SSD failure. I hope this is helpful/reassuring to know!
  5. Hey y'all, new user here looking to learn and grow! I found this forum via several helpful and informative posts regarding laptop modding - particularly, for the Lenovo Y500, which is the laptop I own and that has seen heavy use over the past few years. My experience in most things relevant here is pretty limited, so I would only consider myself a power user, at most, in most regards, though more capable with technology than most I know. This, I'm looking to change through self-learning and possibly higher education in the near future.
  6. Doozy

    Ryzen delid

    Great, relatively short, and informative video, as well with the follow-up video - thanks for sharing!
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